Practice 29 – I rejoice to see a roadblock

Today we focus upon the opportunity that is given whenever you notice ego as ego. You can experience egoic thought as your genuine thought. You can experience egoic identity as your true identity. This is part of the free will experience. But when you step back, you can experience egoic thought as only a suggestion–a suggestion to attach to an identity that is not and never has been your own.

When you pay attention to feeling, you know when you have heard a lie. You feel disturbed when you hear lies from yourself. Your lie detector never fails. You don’t have to be concerned about the lies you think you hear from others. Those are only reflections. Focus upon the lies ego sends to you, and everything will become clear.

As long as you don’t blame the world, yourself, or your divine siblings when you hear a lie in the form of egoic thought, you can look straight through that thought to the light you are. As you make a practice of this, your thought burden decreases. You experience more lightness and flow because you are allowing the lies to disappear into the nothingness they always were.

Begin a three-minute meditation with:
I rejoice to see a roadblock

Now sink down into your true foundation, your connection with all beings, the source of your help whenever you hear a lie from ego.

If anything arises to distract or disturb, remind yourself;
I rejoice to see a roadblock

Right now, you are having an opportunity to see through egoic thought. Focus upon your willingness to receive assistance. Focus upon your willingness to release what is not needed. Focus on the celebration of dropping what doesn’t serve you, the opportunity to walk away lighter.

End with:
I rejoice to see a roadblock

Step into your day with the intention to accept help in releasing whatever doesn’t serve you today. Give thanks that help is always available to you.

If anything disturbs you, remember:
I rejoice to see a roadblock.

Think of the seeing of the roadblock as a gift. It takes only a moment to affirm that you are willing to release what doesn’t serve you. When you do the work of undoing instead of investing your energy in reacting to illusions, you will find that you feel much better. By allowing yourself to feel the intensity of what comes up when you hear a suggestion from ego, you give yourself access to a deeper sense of peace and guidance in daily life.

For further reading, see We’ll clear the path

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