We’ll clear the path

You have so much to give. The reason you have so much to give is that everybody does. If you have so much to give, and so does everybody else, then of course everyone has so much to receive, too. Think of this unbounded giving and receiving happening with no resistance.

And now give a moment to resistance. What could stop this unbounded giving and receiving from happening? Only a clinging to an illusion. Only a hanging onto that which is not truly there. And that is what we are here to remove, when you allow us. When you stop clinging to nuggets of resistance that don’t actually exist, we remove these imaginary blocks from your perception.

When you perceive what isn’t there, you give an illusion reality in your experience. When you allow us to remove this figment that has never been a true representation of life, you no longer experience the figment.

You have so much to give because the well from which you draw is the well that all share, and it has no bottom. There is no end to what it can give you, because there is no end to you. You are eternal, and you have no reason to cling to perceptual figments that tell you otherwise. We will gladly sweep them away as you drop them. To us, it is a great joy to be on the clean-up crew, so please do simply drop your refuse. It is utter fulfillment for us to take away what is not needed.

Love’s resources are shared, and they come through of us all differently, yet harmonically. The important thing is to allow yourself to come to a point of feeling no resistance. If you feel any resistance about anything at all, there is a perceptual figment you’re clinging to, and it is a perceptual figment you don’t need. Allow us to take it, and you feel the peace that allows the truest expression of yourSelf in the world.

In order to gain access to Love’s resources, to express them easily in your world, you have to release the roadblocks. Otherwise, your expression is met with fear on the way out. If you believe the fear, you turn toward ego and stop expressing from the Love you are. This is why it is important that the moment you encounter a nugget of resistance to anything at all, you listen to ego knowing that all the thoughts it is suggesting are lies. Simply allow the light you are to burn right through them.

Ego suggests thoughts, and the ego’s thoughts are always lies. Remember this, and you will sink down, down, past the false surface of ego, down to your true foundation in the Love everyone is. From here, thoughts will come that inspire, enlighten, and bring joy. You have all of the power, because you are the power. Ego can only suggest. You are the one who can follow the suggestion or just see through it.

When you encounter a roadblock, a disturbed feeling, rejoice. First of all, you were willing to feel. That is reason to give thanks. Second of all, you’re surrounded by loving beings, and you’re never alone. We are here to clean up the debris after you see through ego. We are your celestial janitors. You look at the thought being suggested. You know it’s a lie. You say, “This has no value to me.” You walk away. You don’t pick up this thought. We clean it up, and in the wake of that clean-up, you notice that the thoughts of ego are not so prevalent. You hear more of the joy thoughts now because you allowed the clean-up. This gives you motivation to celebrate and accept the next opportunity you have for a clean-up.

Free will means that you can decide to cling to roadblocks and to continue to experience chaos in your world. Divine will means that you are loved, truly loved, and you will be carried through all of the experiences of this world as long as you are willing to stay in alignment with who you are and always have been. There is only one will. Free will is also a figment, and it will be cleaned up when you allow it. What seems to replace the struggle of free will is harmonic will.

Thank you for allowing our assistance. It is our great joy to give it.

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If you would like a practice, see Practice 29 – I rejoice to see a roadblock

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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