Practice 43 – I clear the way for inspiration

You have some housekeeping to do. You have filled your home with fearful thoughts and beliefs, and it is time to toss them out the windows now. We are the clean-up crew and will take care of any refuse. Your only job is to do the tossing.

Tossing out your fearful thoughts, along with the beliefs you have fashioned in order to hold onto fearful thoughts, can feel like stepping out from a cliff into midair. It seems as if nothing is supporting you because you have become accustomed to calling fear your support for so long. You have been accustomed to thinking of fear as solid and reliable.

In throwing fearful thoughts and beliefs away, you are only discarding the darkness you have been using to block the light. As you toss the darkness away, your home is filled with light and nothing but light. Your home has always been that way, but you have been using the nothingness of darkness to shield you from true perception.

Today you make spring cleaning your highest priority. Begin with a three-minute meditation. Repeat to yourself: I clear the way for inspiration

Sink into the peace that you are and observe. If a thought that carries tension seems to appear, toss it to us–your light-being friends. Watch it dissolve as we catch it. You did the work of tossing it. That is your job.

Now, as you toss that thought to us, it is attached by a string to a belief–the belief that supported it and enabled you to believe that thought for a while. See the belief being carried toward us, too. Watch it dissolve in the light. Every thought surrendered can carry a foundational belief to the light. No work in your world is more important than this, because the world you experience depends upon your thoughts and beliefs.

If one of those thoughts carries you away for a while, return to your original focus by repeating:
I clear the way for inspiration
Begin again.

When you release fearful thoughts and beliefs, the light that has always been there comes into your awareness. It can come into your awareness in the form of loving thoughts and beliefs for as long as you need those. You are always given what you need. You are always fully supported and fully worthy of support. If this is true of you, it is true of everyone else.

End your housecleaning session by affirming:
I clear the way for inspiration

If anything arises to disturb your peace during the day, take a moment to celebrate. You are being given an opportunity right now to release what you have been using to hold yourself back. As you release, you will enable the minds around you to have a much easier time of releasing. Remind yourself:
I clear the way for inspiration

Toss the thought away, and see the foundational belief go with it. Darkness has no place here now. It never did.

We thank you for this unseen work that helps all who still cling to darkness. It may seem unseen now, but it becomes visible and felt in the joy and love you radiate as you claim your freedom.

For further reading, see Let inspiration lead

Photo by Dewang Gupta on Unsplash

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