Let inspiration lead

We invite you to think of your human doings. We invite you to think of your human doings as inspired completely and wholly by the simplicity and abundance of Being. You are all worthy of such effortlessness and joy.

Think of doing something without an agenda. Now consider the various agendas you may have when you think you are doing something. Yes, that’s right. We say when you think you are doing something, because that is how the experience is brought about. Are you actually doing anything? Has there been an actual doing, ever?

No. There has been perception of doing, perception of time, perception of space, perception of experience. The doings seem to be what is happening, and you attach meaning and value to the various doings.

You attach purpose to the doings, too, and that’s where an agenda comes in. The agenda could be to survive, to advance a self-image, to dominate, to ensure safety, to procure and experience pleasure. The agenda sent to you by ego will invariably have some sense of effort, struggle, reward or punishment attached to it.

In the absence of ego’s agenda, what is there? As long as you use a body for communication, there is only inspiration when you see through and release ego. Inspiration can determine everything–every word, every gesture, every action. Inspiration can determine every experience that seems real.

Whenever you experience a negative emotion, you are blocking inspiration. This is good news, since you are the only one who can block inspiration. You are the only one who uses fear to block what Love would send you. This means your problem can never be “out there” in the world because “out there” is simply an illusory experience you are giving to yourself. You are using reliance on something that doesn’t exist–fear–to give you this experience. Fear is always your choice.

It may seem easier to blame fear on something out there in the world, but there truly isn’t anything else. It seems like there is something else–something other that what you are, which is Love. Again, this experience of something else is an experience you are giving to yourself, and you are using the illusion of fear to do it. This means that you are willfully focusing on what isn’t in order to experience what isn’t.

When you are believing you are a body, you can experience lack. The experience always depends upon belief, and belief is in your hands. When you act from inspiration, you are acting from the bounty that you are. This is simple and easy–to speak and act from the abundance you are, rather than taking your cue from a nest of lies sent by ego. That never feels good, and as you value how you feel more and more, you will release blocks to inspiration.

Today, watch when you think you have a reason for doing something. Just notice the reason. See how it feels. Would it be a reason you would cling to with any tension? Where does fear come up? If you voluntarily drop that fear, what could come through you into this experience of form? How would it feel?

Look at the sense of obligation when it is a motivator. As you watch it and notice how it feels, as you’re honest with yourself, what is not needed fades away. It’s very simple to allow thoughts and beliefs to disappear when it becomes clear they are the cause of suffering and tension.

When you put healing first, when you allow thoughts and beliefs to be dissolved, what replaces them has no sense of strain or effort. Allowing stressful thoughts and beliefs to go means that you are willing to give from your own bounty–the bounty you share with all–not from some sense of separate-self effort and obligation. You are willing to be sustained and supported by this same bounty, knowing you and all are worthy of it. It’s a receiving and a giving that come from the same Source, and both are a joy. It is very easy to give when you allow yourself to be given all you might need in any situation.

We are always here, and we always stand ready to assist you into the Flow that carries you effortlessly into your perfect role in the mass awakening. As it is our delight to be of assistance, you will discover that it is your delight, too, especially because you are so well provided for in every moment.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 43 – I clear the way for inspiration

Photo by Dewang Gupta on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Let inspiration lead

  1. Hey Julie, as usual, I found this post highly relevant to questions I’m dealing with every day. In this case, this includes the “meta”-post regarding your relationship with the work you’re doing each day. So, thanks for including that part too!

    Wanted to share something that popped into my head recently. I realized the Beatles knew what’s up:

    And anytime you feel the pain
    Hey Jude, refrain
    Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders

    At least the first two lines are totally solid. But I think the third works too, if we can take “carrying the world upon one’s shoulders” as a stand-in for “believing one of the ego’s lies”. Which makes enough sense, since the world doesn’t take on any perceived burdensome weight until we do that, right?

    In your case I suppose it’s “Hey Jules”. Ha!


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi, Steve. So glad you’re finding it relevant 😊

      I read your comment just after I had reacted to one of my kids and was feeling what I called “rage level 10.” So the timing couldn’t have been better.

      Refrain! Yes 💚

      Carrying the world upon my shoulders means that I believe what’s happening here is real and that one happening can have vastly different value than another. I really believed that about ten minutes ago. 😊 It means that I believe the happenings in the world can disturb my peace.

      I’ll order up some of that peace that passeth all understanding now. Thanks for that perfectly timed exploration, Steve 🙏💗


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