The beautiful light show of healing

Do you want to experience the Oneness of us entirely? If you don’t want to entirely, you experience that in the form of any resistance you experience during the day, any negativity at all. Although it seems connected to what you are experiencing, caused by it, it is not. The only possible thing there is to resist is the reality of what you are–Love. We invite you to notice this during the day. Anywhere you feel resistance or irritation, you don’t want to experience what you are–what everyone is–because you are afraid.

To go back to the story that you know well by now, you’re afraid because you believe that you have done wrong. Believing that you have done wrong, you have hidden as an ego–a separate and vulnerable identity that is born and dies–in time and space. Identifying with this ego, you believe in physical cause and effect, and you believe in punishment. Deep down, you believe that you deserve punishment for separating from your creator, so you are afraid to return to the Wholeness of what you are. Somewhere inside, you are certain that punishment is coming for you.

Going back to before time, you wondered what not-peace would be like, and then the illusion of not-peace exploded seemingly in front of you. Instead of being amazed and laughing at what thought could do–but only in a dreamworld–you hid in this dreamworld as a separate identity. We will take you through this story as often as you need to remember that every moment of disturbance during your day is not about its apparent cause. It’s about what originally seemed to happen–your perception that you successfully separated from your creator and therefore you did something wrong.

We will tell you again and as many times as you need to be reminded: Actual wrongdoing is not possible for anyone, anytime, anyplace. A fantasy of wrongdoing enacted within a drama is possible. We are here to unwind you from the drama and to assist you in returning Home. As you return Home, you bring everyone with you–no exceptions.

Wherever you feel tension and resistance, you still want the drama over Reality, but only because you are afraid. You attach voluntarily to fear because you think it will protect you. Gradually, you are going to discover what seem like points of attachment to fear, and you will voluntarily release those. Celebrate when you find a point of attachment to fear. This is your opportunity to let it go. When you let it go, you help others find their way to letting go. The effect of this letting go is immediate and telepathic across all of time and space, but it is also reflected back to you in the ease and joy of your physical experience. More and more, you will find that you don’t want fear in all its many guises, and you will stop attaching to it.

You’re going to discover, more and more, that what you thought you wanted you didn’t want at all, and it will all unravel beautifully. It becomes easy to let go of something that holds no attraction for you anymore. Because you are willing to feel, it will become clear when something no longer has a hold on you. Allow things to become obvious, and they will become obvious. When you find yourself struggling, take a moment to rest. You are always supported, always loved and cherished.

As you let go of what you thought you wanted, you release resistance. As you release resistance, the flow that has always been there for you will enter that space. You are guided, always, and that guidance will only get stronger and more obvious as you agree to accept healing whenever it is available. Whenever you feel resistance, healing is available, and you know by now it is available to you in the space of one breath. Stop and acknowledge that you are willing to accept this healing, and that is all it takes. You are worthy of a healing so powerful and pervasive–in face you are it. You are simply returning to the awareness of it now, in complete safety, always.

As you understand how the dropping of resistance works, you feel joyful and motivated. You now have the key! Simply allow healing whenever you have the opportunity, and you always know by how you feel. It is even more encouraging that all healing accepted is immediately shared mind-to-mind. Your willingness increases as you realize that true help is always available to all, so the unwinding of the drama continues and expands.

We are so happy to help you unwind from the drama, and full of joy to see your fellows discovering how to break free of the hypnotism of ego as you do the same. To us, it is a beautiful light show, and it is always our delight to assist you.

Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash

If you’d like a practice, see Accepting clarity

9 thoughts on “The beautiful light show of healing

  1. i felt resistance to do all my prayers and became tight inside and scolded myself for not being a “good” devotee — how will i ever get there?
    Then i realized God loves me – not for what i do or don’t but just as i am, a part of Him. It is hard to accept that i am perfect. I am trying to accept – the journey is not about doing x,y,z but discarding all the extra baggage, the hundred thousand veils between me and pure consciousness.
    The prayers help to do that – but not when i tighten myself up and make it a to-do list and add stress to it. Only in emptiness will love flow. And in that love is He and He alone. Reading this – brought up these thoughts and i wanted to ask if they are in the right direction? Thank YOU for your love, guidance and light.

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    1. Yes, sometimes our routines crumble, and we can see rigidity dissolving. This blog is a routine of sorts for me, but there is no struggle in it. I often wonder if I will get up one morning and feel…just no. So far it continues, but I know better than to struggle through if that “just no” comes up.

      If that happens, maybe there’s a new instruction to hear, or maybe it’s time to rest. Maybe it’s time to notice a sort of pushing, to let that go, and to see if anything arises in its place.

      Thanks for sharing, Krishna! 💜💙💜

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      1. Thank you – this is a great lesson on figuring out the correct perspective for me.

        “Maybe there is a new instruction to hear” – it is always good to go into the silence and live from there.

        When pushing comes next time, i’ll step back into that silence and ask – when we ask, i have faith we receive — just like with your message from you. Thank you, beautiful sweeeeeet Julie. With love, much gratitude and many, many hugs! 💛

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