You need not judge any aspect of an unreal world

We wish to speak with you today about vulnerability. You can look at vulnerability two ways for the purposes of this conversation. Ego will tell you that you are vulnerable when you begin to question ego, so there is the perception of vulnerability as a danger that ego tries to sell you. Then there is an opening up to Spirit, a sharing of all the feelings and the thoughts you experience with Spirit. You can’t get to that openness without dropping the defense of egoic identity, so there is that beneficial vulnerability of opening up the protective shell to allow Spirit in. Spirit does dissolve the shell, but Spirit also shows you how you never needed it, so this openness is in no way dangerous.

It serves you and all to open up the carapace, the layer of protection that ego says protects you from the rest of the world. (Note from Julie: I have to admit that I forgot what a carapace is, so I had to go look that up. If you forgot, too, it’s “the hard upper shell of a turtle, crustacean, or arachnid” and “something regarded as a protective or defensive covering,” according to the Google dictionary.) The path toward happiness is a path of dropping defenses. Everywhere you feel tension, distress, irritation, or physical pain or discomfort, it is a sign of a defensive thought to which you cling because of your belief that it is helpful.

Really, these thoughts are your fetters, and you can offer them up to Spirit right now. The service of a negative emotion or of physical discomfort is that it always points to exactly what you can offer up right now. When you are willing to give away your defensive thought, Spirit’s thought can replace it. Spirit’s thoughts bring happiness.

A cornerstone of ego’s functioning is the thought that you are a vulnerable and separate entity in a world of attack. Thoughts that ego sends to you attempt to convince you that you need protection from a world that you yourself are projecting. So you make up a story, and then you feel subject to the story. Every threat that you see in your world is a story. It’s an idea about a sequence of events that cause harm to a particular body, to a particular identity. Spirit will remind you that Oneness is not vulnerable to anything perceived as separate. So when you fear, you are simply accepting as true thoughts that ego has sent to you. Find the thoughts, and find your willingness to give them up. That gives Spirit the go-ahead to shift your perception.

Ego says that vulnerability is real because of the reality of the world. In truth, there is no separate you, and there are no separate things to harm a separate you. There is no harm. If you are perceiving a separate you, separate things, and harm, then there is help for that perception present in this moment. Accepting this ever-present help is your only job now. The separate you that the ego points to as a vulnerable one is a body, and you are not a body. The body can be used as a communication device for Spirit, however.

Whenever you feel any disquiet, it is because you are blocking communication from Spirit. Ego tells you that disquiet is because of a specific problem, a problem you have to fix. If you believe this story of specific problems and fixing, you will miss the perception correction Spirit is offering you now, That perception shift always contains all the answers to any perceived problems. As you put your faith in the perception shift, you become unable to experience problems.

If you remember that the world you are projecting with thought is unreal, and you remember that the Real is here to assist you with thought and flow in every moment, then you need not judge any aspect of an unreal world. Suffering is always due to projecting, and Spirit always opens up a path to shift from the projection of fear into the extension of Love. Essential to your happiness is the willingness to extend Love. Everything you need to extend Love–every thought, every action, every word–is given to you easily when you turn toward your willingness to release the unreal and to recognize the Real.

The unreal has no true existence, so it cannot be judged or labeled in any way. The distraction of the thoughts of ego, the thoughts that project illusion–that distraction can be swept away if that is what you wish. Waking up is about realizing that you do want the distraction to be washed away, and you do want to be provided with guidance.

We thank you for everything you offer up to us, and we celebrate what is Here for you as distraction is washed away.

Photo by USGS on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “You need not judge any aspect of an unreal world

  1. Thank You, Julie and Team! πŸ’—THIS Is The Way Forward. We are So Done with Projecting Our Illusionary selves, and now have the Choice to give all our imbalances To Spirit! πŸ’₯’Perception Correction’πŸ’₯ . . . This is all that IS needed! I Am going to WrapπŸŒžπŸ›Œ This Transmission around me for the whole of 2021, like a Warm Blanket! So much Ease, So much Grace.🌼🌻🌼

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