The brilliant inner sun

Whenever you feel anything jarring, disturbing, tight or tense, look at the reason ego would give you for this state. It is always something in the world. It is always a lie that backs up the complexity of the illusion you are making with thought. There is a very simple Reality shining underneath the complexity of the world you build with ego’s thoughts. From that Reality is shining forth all healing and all happiness. We advise you to put your attention there. As you put your attention there, the light can shine away all ego’s lies.

Jarring, tense feelings alert you to the presence of a thought that tells you something about a world made of illusion. See the rays of the sun penetrating that thought, shining through it with strength and beauty. Take the invitation to feel what is Real–this glow of the inner sun, and the alarm of tense feeling subsides. Illusion always gives way to Reality when you are willing to put your focus there.

We invite you to a Reality focus each time a particular world focus is suggested by ego. Ego gives you snapshots. We suggest a game. Ego sends you a snapshot–a judgment of a world, condition or person. Your challenge is not to react. If you have any feeling of disquiet, you are already in reaction, but you can, at any time, turn your focus toward the brilliant inner sun. The brilliant inner sun always clears perception. Have a willingness to allow false thought to be washed away, and you will always have a remedy for any perception ego suggests to you.

The simple repetition of this refocusing, from the ego to the Real, will help you see that nothing the ego suggests is real. This is the purpose of your day today. Anything else your day seems to be about is a means for exposing and removing what seems to be blocking the light of this brilliant inner sun. The light from this sun is the light of shared identity beyond all judgment and analysis. It is the light of inspiration. It is the light that takes care of everything for you.

It is important also to recognize that the thoughts ego sends to you are suggestions. You are always the one who takes a suggestion and then attempts to build a substitute reality out of it. So if you feel any disquiet, you have already been busy tinkering and adding thought and nailing and gluing it together with other thoughts in order to build the structure of this substitute reality. This is always insanity. Return to sanity is but the work of a moment. Simply find your willingness to see things as they truly are, and abide there.

Abide here, with us, in the light. The light cannot harm you or anyone. It can only shine away what never has been real.

Photo by Emma on Unsplash

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