Practice 45 – Love frees me from the past

We are here to help you work your way free of your willful attachment to the past. We say willful because the perception now is that an attachment to the past is your safety and security. Your current belief structure is based on the idea that attachment to the past allows a separate you to pursue pleasure and to avoid pain. We are here today to help you find your freedom in a place that is prior to that idea–the present moment. We thank you for your willingness to be set free.

Begin with a three-minute meditation. Repeat to yourself:
Love frees me from the past.

See yourself settling past darkness into a powerful light. This light is the present focus that delivers everything you need to you. As you stay here in this light, become aware of any thought that would disturb your peace. You have brought these thoughts to the light, and the light will take care of them. There is nothing you need to do about them.

End by repeating:
Love frees me from the past.

If anything arises to disturb your peace in any way today, recognize that you must have followed the temptation to let the past be your guide. Refocus with:
Love frees me from the past

Take a moment to feel the light that guides you and corrects all false thought. Know that all have access to this light right now, and step back into your day with confidence and faith.

We thank you for putting time to the best possible use, and we light up for you here in the present to guide you on your way.

For further reading, see Releasing the past

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Practice 45 – Love frees me from the past

  1. Thank you for helping me (and all who share this practice) to see that which has kept me (us) cooped up and caged in and showing us the true nature of Light and Love. Even just barely brushing its surface liberates.

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