Releasing the past

We would like to play with the concept of the past today. Toss it around with us. Look at it. Allow it to be transformed. First of all, there is no past. You believe, however, that there is a past. If you didn’t believe in a past, you wouldn’t believe in the egoic structure that you believe is your separate self. If you didn’t believe in a past, in linearity, in cause and effect, in the reality of form, form would have no power over what you perceive to be you. Form gains all of its seeming powers from your beliefs and thoughts. This is good news. The power you are is vast and unending. False thoughts and beliefs can be dropped and replaced with loving thoughts and beliefs until you have no further need of belief.

You do not need the past at all. Now that we’ve pointed this out, we would like you to notice today where you look to the past for security, wherever you are relying on a pre-existing concept to move you through form. You’re going to notice how deep this goes, but don’t let that discourage you.

You are assisted by all the power in the world when your intention is to come fully into the Love of the present moment. Wherever you want a repeat of something experienced in the past, wherever you seek to avoid something that seemed to happen in the past, wherever you seek out a pleasure because you remember it feeling good in a past, that’s exactly where you’re attached to what isn’t. You don’t have to fix this. Ego gets to work on fixing things, but there is no fix in form. Your only responsibility is accepting corrected perception, which is always available to you. Looking at the extent to which you are attached to the past opens you up to allow radical, sweeping assistance.

If you are still clinging to concepts of the past for stability, however, we work with you where you believe you are, where you seem to be. We just encourage you to notice those beliefs, to hold them up to the light, to feel how it feels to be attached to fearful thoughts. We assist you in finding your willingness to allow perception to be transformed, Once you are willing to release the old, the fresh and always-new can come to your assistance. Help has always been available to those attached to form. You have always been fully worthy of that assistance, with no exceptions. The only thing holding you back has been your clinging to fear, seeing it as familiar, stable and secure. We help you to see your stability and security in what existed before the experience of fear–the thing you’re using fear and the past to block out–Love.

Every time you notice a fixation on the past, use it as a healing opportunity. You are using the illusion of fear to block love, but it is always very good to notice that. What are you thinking? What are you believing? How does it feel? Now you have the opportunity to allow it to be swept away.

You cannot have fear without a focus on the past. Notice this when a fearful thought arises. You must have a definition of threat, danger, loss and lack that is based upon the past. When you are attached to the past, the world is threatening. When you release the past the world is simply form, there to be used and interpreted by the Oneness you are in the service of collective healing. When you experience any tension or resistance, you are experiencing the effects of reliance on ego. Ego defines and tells you that you are threatened. The more you see that believing ego causes pain, the more you will know not to believe ego’s suggestions.

It is our delight to see you discover your power, and to see you come into and share the knowledge that all power is shared equally amongst all beings, because all beings, no matter what roles they are playing, are worthy. We always walk with you, always happy to assist with corrected perception.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 45 – Love frees me from the past

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

I really felt a strong call to add a little extra at the end. The call was this: Address the silliness. I know it’s always for me, but maybe there’s someone else out there who needs to hear this, too.

“The silliness” is related to the idea of practice, routine and repetition. I started offering practices because it was suggested to me that it would be helpful. I love practices myself. For years I did The Work (a self-inquiry practice) frequently. There have been times of little to no practice. Now I love the practices in A Course in Miracles, and I do those every day.

I love receiving the practices here because they always help me go deeper, but I’m not doing these specific daily practices yet. That seemed hypocritical to me, but I’m aware that’s a judgment.

I think what wants to be said is just because I offer the practices, that doesn’t mean that you feel the call to do them. I’m aware of a call to provide something that assists people in focusing, but there are so many ways to be assisted. So just as I am encouraged to trust what calls me, I say, trust what calls you! The practices aren’t results-oriented in the sense that the only way to set mind straight is to do those practices and only those practices. If you don’t feel any attraction to them, it doesn’t mean that you won’t experience particular results. They’re just there for help. The ones doing them are the ones who are supposed to be doing them. The ones not doing them are the ones not supposed to be doing them. That keeps it simple! 💗

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