Push, pull and flow

You’re becoming more attuned to when tension arises, and you’re less likely to see that tension–that fear impulse–as a motivator. You’re more likely to work with us now.

So now you’re experiencing the push, the pull, the flow. You’re starting to feel the difference.

Let’s go to the push. The push might send you into action, but the action has a tense or contracted reason that drives it. It might be blame. It might be urgency. It might be obligation. It might be a drive to achieve something personally. It’s arising from the separated self, the false self.

We can unpick this for a minute. Woven in with this is the energy of desire, and the energy of desire is always good. It’s vital. It’s part of the flow that calls you. When you don’t feel good, it’s an indicator that stress has arisen. When stress has arisen, your ability to see clearly has been distorted. Your ability to follow that flow of desire easily, in innocence, and with love for all, has experienced an interruption.

This is a good time for a breath. A reset. Getting back in touch with who you are. Remembering your willingness to release all that is not you. Remembering that, above all, you want to see.

Then there is the pull, the contraction inward to the separate self. Something apparently “out there” seems to have “made you” frightened, tense or tired. You are experiencing a contraction, a pulling in. You may find yourself declaring how very tired you are, as you did last night. You may find yourself looking for distractions or engaging in self-comforting behaviors. You’re running from something. You’re fleeing. You’re seeking refuge. You’re trying to escape something that doesn’t feel good.

What doesn’t feel good is the tension, the fear that is the foundation of the separate self and of personal achievement. We say personal achievement because when you are forging ahead without a sense of your connectedness to everyone and everything, your support and how you are deeply loved in every moment, it actually doesn’t feel good. You might just be driving yourself toward that moment in the future when you think you will feel good.

Again, though, let’s look at desire. Desire calls you. It calls you to action and achievement, and it feels very good. We want you to make feeling primary. This means you will have to toss all notions of hard work in the garbage. Hard work is tense work. Hard work incorporates fear as a motivator. We’re not saying that it will never appear as if you are doing hard work. It may appear that you are doing very hard work indeed–even drudgery that no one else will value. But it will be the work of your heart, and you will love it. It will feel right, and nothing the false self offers you can substitute for that feeling.

So we’ve talked about the push. It comes from desire with fear mixed in. It’s distorting the call of desire. There’s always tension there.

We’ve talked about the pull inward toward protecting a false self. It feels a little desperate. It feels like fatigue. This is actually the call to go inward. To stop, to rest, to come to know your true self. Like desire, it’s a good call, always. When mixed with the call inward of the contracted self, it’s distorted.

Basically, you want to clear up the distortion. You want to see clearly. When you hear the call of desire, you want to follow in ease, in the flow. When you hear the call to go inward, you want to see what there is to see–to learn how to be in this world from what the inward journey teaches you.

When the call inward and the call of desire are in balance, we call that flow. We call that Oneness, resting purely in that Oneness beyond all judgment and allowing that to move you. In this state, you remember that you and all others are worthy, always. You never forget that you are loved. You have opened yourself to your shared beingness with all beings across time and space, and you are able to give and receive freely with them.

Now let’s visit personal judgments. Personal judgments distort. They give you reasons for opinions. Opinions are actually completely unnecessary. You can stick those in the garbage, too. Spring cleaning!

We’ll take a moment with perspectives, though. Every being has a perspective, including you, and there’s no reason to find fault with another’s perspective. They are where they are right now. When you can embrace and accept how anything appears right now, you’re accessing the flow that brings the healing to any situation.

This is where it gets tricky. It may seem that if you don’t find fault with another’s perspective, you yourself will become misguided. If you can purely and simply want for all others exactly what you want for yourself–clear and loving vision, ease in slipping into the flow, happiness and appreciation for others–you are guided. That is the guidance. Your actions will follow naturally from that.

False selves–the one you think you are and the other ones you project for everyone else–they get in the way of the flow of healing that loves you all. The more you can see false selves as an illusion, see through the surface to the root identity of Love that everyone, without exception, is, the more you access the inspiration that will bring healing to all.

When you are oriented toward a false self in yourself or in others–a vulnerable self, a self who could be victimized, a self who must be curbed lest it does wrong–you’re not oriented. You’re still lost, and what you’re lost in is the reactivity of the physical world. Action, reaction, action, reaction, action, reaction–a perpetuation of the conflict.

What you want is something real–a true extension of Love into the world. It’s happening already in many ways. Every human is very good at extending Love in a unique way. What you want is just to bring all of this online now. You want the clarity that brings healing into form.

If you want the world to spring into blossom, you must allow all forms to bloom. You cannot locate the problem in any single form. You must see the potential to bloom within every form, because the basis of every form, every being, without exception, is Love.

You must allow yourself to bloom. You must allow them to bloom. That’s the way you must see it–everyone on a collective journey toward this blossoming. It may happen at different points on the timeline, but you’re seeing of it calls it into appearance here in form.

It looks like it’s forward-moving because it’s a progression along a timeline, but it’s really an expansion outward. It’s a bursting free, outward from the false self, which disintegrates as you release your hold on fear. As you release your hold on fear, the love that you are extends out into your world. It also extends out across time and space.

All minds across time and space are always in communication with each other. What is communicated is magnified and appears in form, in physicals worlds as experiences. As you relax into the flow of love extended outward from your mind to all others, the worlds reflect this back to you.  Yes–worlds. This is a very large group project we’re working on, and we thank you all for your active participation in joining the flow of harmony that heals all worlds.

It’s not a personal flow. We’re talking about a multi-dimensional flow. We’re talking about everyone, without exception, flowing toward harmony, back toward true knowing of who you are. We’re talking about allowing Divine Will to return as the answer you’ve always sought.

Feel the push when tension arises. Release. Remember the purity of desire. Feel the pull when stress arises. Release. Remember the inward call, the foundation of Home that always supports action in the world. Feel the flow. Know that flow as the purity of desire and inspiration powered by the stability and love that is Home.

Photo by Robert Lukeman on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Push, pull and flow

    1. Thanks. It’s a joy to share and to know that it’s helpful to others, too. I’m not Julie of light omega, but now I’m curious.

      Just checked her out. Wow, her about page sums up what I’m being told about what I’m doing. Very cool to see that. She does beautiful work. ❤️️


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