Playing with your action figures

This morning I felt called to write about physical death, and I immediately felt scared about it. It took me a while to find the willingness and flow to see what there was to see. Once I did, I was glad I looked.

We love turning things upside down. Think about restricting your awareness by being born into a human form as a kind of death. It’s a temporary death of your easy access to knowledge of who you are and how you are always supported. It’s a willful entering of a state that appears to be full of dense, dense limitation.

You know how you’re scared of being buried alive in a box? Um…you’re in the box. This is the box. The moment-to-moment experience of fear when you believe you are a human body–and that’s it–that’s the severe and frightening limitation. You are finding your way out of the box before you “die.” This means that before you, a towering being of light, put down the human body in front of you (we always say in front of you to help you understand that it’s like playing with action figures), you are releasing your attachment to the body and allowing yourself to remember who you are, who everyone else is. You are allowing yourself to remember the harmony that is the foundation of everything before you release into the nonphysical.

Because you are allowing this awareness to permeate your mind, your mind is also sharing this with other minds. The sharing is immediate, as in right now. The process of writing opens you up to a longer and more focused conversation with us, but no one ever has to read of word of your writing. No one ever has to be convinced of anything. You may still experience joy in sharing it with others, but the silent and immediate mind-to-mind sharing is the biggest part of what everyone does.

Okay, still with our perception upside down (but right side up from our perspective), look at the process of setting the body communication tool down as a release into who you truly are–the unlimited. There is still differentiation in the unlimited and the harmonious. There is much to appreciate, and having come from a relatively contracted experience, once you shake off the memory of contraction and limitation, the appreciation is keen.

Think of why you’re here on earth. Be playful. You chose this experience. You chose to experiment with fear, to feel that release when you came back to who you truly are, when you released identification with the body. Think of sex between humans. You engage in a struggle or come together, however you prefer to think about it, to experience a final and blissful release.

Until you really, really remember who you are, you will keep returning in successive human forms in order to undo the doing. You added fear to the experience here. You made fear and conflict the foundation of it all. Now you’re removing fear from the experience, revealing the true foundation of Love.

The human body was designed to be repulsive, to be an instrument of repulsion. You wanted to experience separate wills, something that wasn’t harmony, so you entered an experience where separate entities experienced a lot of repulsion (a sense of being separate, a sense of being pushed back) in response to each other. The basis of the imbalance between attraction and repulsion here on Earth is fear.

The experience of harmony is more of a challenge to achieve here because you have programmed your minds to uphold the illusion of separation and conflict. When you find an exception to this repulsion, because you can never completely forget who you truly are–not possible, you call this one lover or friend. You elevate this one above all other ones and find reasons that this one is superior.

You have a desire to be elevated and superior in this way, too, because you want to be loved. This is the distorted form of how you experience love here. You are here to see through the distortion.

So let’s say you made a deal to be loved by someone, maybe to be loved above all others. The deal is a restriction of the energy of who you are. It’s an intentional contraction, when what you are is expansion.

The human experience of love, however distorted, is a wonderful starting place. In allowing yourself to feel love or to fall in love, you are piercing the illusion of separation. We say, “Keep going! Keep going!” This bliss is a true indicator of who you are, who the other person in your relationship is, and who everyone else across space and time, without exception, also is. So start with your human form of love, and then let it expand.

Look for a moment on the emphasis you put upon being attractive. It’s important not to be repulsive, it seems. It’s important to struggle to avoid rejection. It seems important to show up in a form that you seem to be capable of loving. Isn’t it funny, when you all place so much emphasis on physical attractiveness, that you spend so much time denying your Oneness? You are all attracted already. You couldn’t be more attracted to each other than you already are, in truth. But you have set up this experience of overall repulsion here, and attraction seems to be the exception to the rule.

Then when some of you are attracted all over the place, you get judged for that.

In the process of allowing yourself to know your true identity as Love, to know everyone else as Love, there’s an expansion that allows attraction and repulsion to come into balance. Then repulsion becomes neutral instead of primary. The newly neutral forces of attraction and repulsion simply put you where you need to be in each perfect moment.

Attraction and repulsion become neutral and very, very helpful to all when you drop judgment and attachment. When you drop these two, you drop the anxiety of being human, of identifying with the human form. You trust in the Whole. You begin to appreciate the human form, and you meet it with Love.  Then the human form shows up where it needs to show up and does what it needs to do. When you are fulfilling your function like this, you feel very, very good. This is what you want, over and above the experience of judging the body you call yours attractive, over and above the experience of having a specific one think that they have a special and exclusive love for you. Why not let the perception of love expand into everything?

When you feel this good, you simply experience joy in being in alignment with your true function, and you have a lot of love to share. Then it doesn’t matter so much when it’s time to set this form down and move on to another adventure. When the forces of attraction and repulsion in your life become neutral, you are at peace. You abide in peace. In truth, you abide in peace all the time, and there has never been a moment when you haven’t. The difference is that you allow the awareness of this to come to you. You stop resisting the awareness of who you are, who everyone else is.

Abiding in peace, there’s no problem when it’s time to set the physical form down. You are Life beyond all forms, and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

Photo by Daniel Cheung on Unsplash

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