From release into allowing

It feels like people all around me are going through significant cycles of release. I'm releasing too, so I'm revisiting the process of release to sink a bit deeper into it. Negative emotion is what you aren't coming up to the surface for release. Once you realize that, it becomes feasible, possible in your daily … Continue reading From release into allowing

Time to get greedy

We have mentioned gift exchanges before, and we're going to mention them again, and we'll be mentioning them again, until you get divinely greedy for all the gifts your brothers and sisters can offer you, all the treasures each situation offers you. We think it's just splendid when children get excited and display this kind … Continue reading Time to get greedy

Inviting Love

Here's a fun one. Take a look at the words you speak. From where do they come? How are they brought into experience? They come on the wings of an invitation. The invitation is based on perception. Are you perceiving a world that is threatening, in which fear is a protective force? Fear's words come … Continue reading Inviting Love

My imaginary friends say I’m imaginary, too

I refer to the nonphysicals as imaginary friends sometimes, and they are quick to laugh and remind me that I am imaginary, too. It's always a very helpful reminder. We are projected out into consciousness in differentiation, in joy. We come from the one Love that we are. "Where" we are, we choose express Love, … Continue reading My imaginary friends say I’m imaginary, too