Choose your playwright

Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more. --Macbeth, William Shakespeare Thanks for the wake-up call, William Shakespeare! Apropos of nothing, but still interesting, is that whenever I contemplate this quote and appreciate it I see a woman smiling back … Continue reading Choose your playwright

Transformed vision

Why are we here? We are here to recognize everyone (and let's not forget ourselves) as who we truly are. When we recognize the beauty and wonder of everyone else here with us, our experience with them is transformed. It has to be. When we see beyond who we thought we were in relation to … Continue reading Transformed vision

Releasing what you embraced

As the layers melt, we come to see what has perceptually separated what we consider to be our separate selves from other selves, perceived as equally separate. They are layers of fear in all its components--anger, frustration, hostility, guilt, jealousy, helplessness. When you access one such layer, you may be tempted to condemn this whole … Continue reading Releasing what you embraced

The most beautiful game level

Go way, way back. Back to the beginning of what you consider to be this lifetime. Even in the womb, you felt tension and contraction, relative expansion. As you grew into awareness of a separate self, there was a point at which you began to understand blame. There was a moment when you understood yourself--your … Continue reading The most beautiful game level

Special functions

My understanding of the term "special function" originated with A Course in Miracles. Each person has a special function that comes effortlessly. All special functions dovetail harmoniously with one another. When you're with someone having a less than harmonious experience, consider the idea that what you really may want, over and above something you consider to … Continue reading Special functions

Clearing our shared space

If you follow this blog, you may see a veritable flood of posts coming through. I keep writing down seed ideas and not expanding on them. Today, though, the way seems to be clear to write and write and write. Awareness is. It's the base. The foundation. It's always there and connects all of us. … Continue reading Clearing our shared space

Forgetting to remember

I have been given the phrase "forget to remember" many times, and it has always been a helpful pointer. I was given it again several days ago with a sort of tap on the shoulder to write about it, and then again today. I'm sharing this part of the process because I sense others out … Continue reading Forgetting to remember

Signals to awaken When you meet a person, you could let your story about yourself meet their story about themselves. Or you could just meet them. You could look right through the surface and greet your very wise sibling across space and time. "Hey, You! I can't believe we're playing these roles! Can you?" Okay, this part … Continue reading Signals to awaken

What thought can come into this space?

What thought can come into this space? As you ask this question, notice the interval before a thought shows up. Notice the intervals between thoughts. If a thought enters that is disturbing, it has come into a sacred place--a place of light and love. The light of awareness dissolves the thought. The light is who … Continue reading What thought can come into this space?

Giving all to all

At some point, functioning according to the dictates of the ego seems so hopelessly complex, confusing and pointless, that you just surrender and give all to the all. "Here you go. You figure it out. I really don't know what to do with this," I say to the intelligence of the Universe. Or the Multiverse. … Continue reading Giving all to all