Fear belongs to time

Fear belongs to time, and you have always been beyond time.

Fear is one way in which energy can dance and play. Because of the phenomenal experience of fear, energy can experience itself as separate from what it truly is. Fear is a phenomenon, and all phenomena are neutral. All phenomena are temporary. The strongest condensation of fear, the ego, judges fear, and that’s where confusion enters the human experience.

Fear always comes to pass–it comes and then it passes.  It is temporary and has no power. Love is the eternal and the source of all power. When Love wants to experience itself in all its various forms, one  possible form is that of separation from what it is. Forms are not reality, however.

We are on a return Home from the furthest point of contraction (the egoic experience) back to the predominant awareness of the constant expansion we are. The energy of fear can appear to contradict the energy of All That Is, but that is only a perception. Actual contradiction is not possible. Fear has come so it can pass. It is phenomenal, temporary. It cannot stay.

All That Is, or Love, stays. It is the foundation of all experience. Knowing that it is always there, you can turn your attention to it and recognize that anything other than love and unity is temporary and false.

When your awareness rests predominantly in All That Is rather than within and seemingly limited by the phenomenal and temporary, you hear and are willing to be guided by the one true will, divine will. Since we aren’t and never have been truly in conflict with each other, it makes no sense to heed the voice of separate will any longer.

The value of your feelings is that they tell you which voice you are listening to. As you value the voice of wholeness over the voice of separation, you will find it easier to abide in the knowledge of the wholeness we are. As you value your feelings, you begin to understand which ones represent the unity we are and which ones indicate you are turning to separation for a stability that can never be accessed there.

For example, let’s look at the feeling of satisfaction. If you have been satisfied by something phenomenal, temporary, specific, you are deriving “good” feelings from that which is unstable. Satisfaction implies that you perceived a lack before, and now because something has happened, you can be at peace.

What if you could be at peace the whole time, regardless of conditions? You will come to recognize this unconditionality more and more.

Invite yourself to see that you don’t need to be satisfied by phenomena because what you are has always been whole, complete.

What of desire, then? There is only one true desire, and that is the longing for a return to peace and wholeness. All other desires reflect this one desire. As you recognize the innocence of desire and flow with it, you will feel the difference between the inner voice that represents the love you are (the voice of unified and divine will) and the inner voice that represents the sense of separation you chose.

There is no right or wrong. It’s simply that one voice feels much better than the other. As you see this, more and more, the sense of inner conflict subsides and you abide in peace.

Peace is what we are, peace is what you are, and we are always joined.

Photo by Brooke Campbell on Unsplash

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