The body as a learning aid

Thank you. Thank you for spending this time with us. Thank you for recognizing our connection. Stay with us for a moment in this profound feeling of gratitude, in this celebration of our Oneness, our harmony, and your willingness to abide in it. If you are willing to appreciate harmony with us, it will eventually become very clear to you that you have always been abiding in harmony with us. Harmony is your forever-home, and if you believe you have experienced anything else, it’s only because you have become immersed in a perception game that you are leaving now. It is our joy to take you by the hand and lead you out of it. It is our delight to see you take others by the hand and lead them out, to see you taking the hand of others and allowing them to lead you out.

As you recognize your connection with us–harmonic beings of light–we encourage you to recognize your divine siblings as harmonic beings of light using human bodies to communicate. You are not the body. While the body is not real, it is a perception. The body was made as a tool for the ego to block out awareness of love’s ever-presence. However, the very tool made for ego can be turned over to the whole of us to use as a learning device to assist you in remembering who you are and to help you set down distorted perception.

Affirm that you are willing to see and experience the body as a learning device. When you do this, you accept assistance in many forms. The body is not for glorifying an ego. It’s not to prove separation. It’s not here for striving. It’s not here for accumulation. It’s not here for the experience of pleasure or pain. Right now, it’s here to help you remember and to help you set down the separation perception it was originally made to reinforce. Celebrate the fact that body perception can be turned over to Love.

You’ll notice that we’re not telling you to feed the body specific foods or to move the body in particular ways. We are not telling you to avoid certain substances and to run with open arms toward others. Let us make this clear: All of that is illusion. We’re not going to recommend particular illusions. We’re not going to encourage you to rate your fellow beings of light by judging which illusions they are promoting.

It is safe to move toward what attracts you and inspires you and then to notice how you feel. Yes, you appear to be moving toward or away from specific aspects of the illusion, but in making noticing feeling and thought primary, you allow us to assist you in the ways that are most effective. If the body shows up as sick, or if you are experiencing it as weak or defective in any way, it is a cue to turn body perception over to us. Remember that the body is not you, but you have agreed that it is a learning aid. All learning centers around perception. Allow perception to change, and your experience of the body–yours and others–will change in ways that serve the highest good.

You don’t have to know what the change in body perception will be. You just have to be willing to let go of previous body perception–your perception of all bodies. Your definitions and assumptions and judgments about all bodies. Be willing to have all of that replaced with Truth, and experience the body as an aid in sharing Truth.

For as long as you need time–also a learning device–you will have the body as a learning device. You will have physicality. You will have the phenomenal. It is possible to not be fooled by any aspect of the phenomenal, to not judge or resist any aspect of the phenomenal. From this place, all of phenomenality can be used as an aid in collective remembrance. You just have to turn phenomenality over. It’s not for you to use to promote an ego. Its purpose now is to be used for the highest collective good.

A word about pleasure: There is no need to struggle against what you perceive to be a pursuit of pleasure. When you notice that happening, we just ask that you stop and look. Stop for a moment and remember your willingness to accept perception correction. Remember how beautiful it is to allow the body to show up as a learning aid for collective remembrance. Just spend a moment like that. And move on.

There is no need to struggle to control behavior, because that is what ego does. Ego struggles. You watch. You notice. You remember. You are willing. That is what you do.

We tell you over and over that you are not a body, but we encourage you to see the experience of communicating through a body as a learning opportunity. Give over all things bodily to us–not as separate others, not moving the body out of your control. We’re saying to give up the experience of the body to our connection, to the Oneness, to our shared and true identity. Give up the experience of the body to that, and know that it is there for your learning. Whenever you have a body-related thought that doesn’t feel good, ask to be led to the awareness of how the body experience can teach you. Be willing to have body perception corrected, and we will be there to help.

We thank you for each moment you spend in nonjudgmental awareness, in the remembrance of Oneness, celebrating our connection. We encourage you today to notice when ego is offering you the temptation of body-oriented thought, thoughts with positive and negative value. Simply stop and remember your willingness to allow body perception to be used in the service of collective joy, and we will always be there to help.

It is always our joy to assist you, and we thank you for your willingness.

Photo by Javier García on Unsplash

11 thoughts on “The body as a learning aid

    1. The mind is powerful! But that’s a good thing, because the power of the mind that made the illusion is the power (the child of Source with the same power of source) that will release the illusion because we understand we don’t want it.

      The other encouraging thing about it is that since time is already over, this release has already happened, so it’s guaranteed. We just allow ourselves to experience it perceptually.

      Thanks for helping me go into that, B. 💜💚💜

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      1. I do agree about that it’s a question of will and we finally hold the power to refuse the illusion. Thank you so much for this post! It’s extremely deep and stirred my thoughts incredibly!

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  1. I so needed this. Been going through some scary health issues, knowing that it is all for my growth, but having trouble focusing on that. These words and the timing of them being presented (to me) is so helpful. Thank you so much.

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  2. Thank you so much, Julie! I found this interpretation especially interesting(!), validating similar information and experiences I’ve been having the past four months that are teaching me how to realign the body’s magnetic field. I am finding within the effort of healing the imbalances of the body, it (the body) becomes an excellent laboratory for learning the language of spirit (or visa-versa). 💞

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