Allowing pain to surface to see the guidance underneath

When you are willing to release a new layer of separate identity there can be pain, disorientation and discomfort at first. This is a good sign–not a sign that you have gone wrong. It means that you were hanging onto separate identity for justification of stories and comfort and definition–defining the positive in opposition to the negative–but it’s just not working anymore. It will fall away. It must fall away.

What takes its place? What was always there underneath. Now it has a chance to emerge into your experience. This means more specific, flowing moment-to-moment guidance. Divine Will. Divine Will is certain and without conflict. You toggle over into this. You do this in steps, as you become more trusting of what is.

It has been said that God is no respecter of persons. This is because the persons are separated characters with conflicted and conflicting wills, and God sees only the unity in you. God, or All That Is, or your true identity–everyone’s true identity–invites you to this corrected perception.

As you rely more and more on the guidance of divine will, you project less and less conflicted thought out into your world. As you project fewer conflicted thoughts out into the world of your making, you allow the love that has always been here to extend into the world through you.

We are One, we love without ceasing, and it is our joy to express in union with you.

Photo by Bárbara Montavon on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Allowing pain to surface to see the guidance underneath

  1. Thank you Julie. Another beautiful message. The pain, discomfort and belief in separation is still making its way to the surface of my awareness for healing. This is the process of resolving fear and shame. I know there is an end in sight when I will feel the bliss of oneness again and revel in the power of the vibration of love. ❤️

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