The fruit of desire

Desire. Sit in the vibration of that word for a moment. How does it feel to you? Does any judgment arise when you contemplate the state of desire?

We invite you to play a game. Whenever you notice the experience of desire today, say, “Congratulations to me!  I have felt desire! I am alive!” And then move on from that moment of celebration.

Part of the reason you feel confusion around desire is that you have judged it so heavily in the past, felt shame about it, judged the desire in others. This leads to desires for things that are also judged, so then you feel shame or a sense of struggle or a need to fight. Your desires lead to your dreams, but your desires also seem to lead to dysfunction.

Remember this: All desires are the same desire. All desires contain at their center a longing for peace and Home that will serve you on your journey. All desires call you to the power and simplicity of what you are.  Even the very worst desire on the planet? Remember that the very worst desire on the planet has a divine role in everyone else’s awakening, and it could never be any other way.  When you learn to respond instead of reacting to what seems worst within and without, you have the key to your return Home.

Do you accept desire, that energy? Do you allow it? Is there any way in which you attempt to suppress it? Is there any way in which you ignore it in order to keep yourself safe and comfortable?

If you do not accept desire, what is wrong with it? Will following your desire violate your sense of self-control? Is following your desire too risky? Do you want the small-s-self controlling anything? If you’re valuing a comfort and safety that comes of avoiding a projected danger, then you’re putting your small-s-self in charge, and you feel limited.

Just ask the questions. See what bubbles up. See what could be released. See what could be seen through.

Each life seems to go on a path through time, and what leads it? What seems to pull it? Can you have total and innocent faith in the power of desire? What would that feel like? What would it feel like to set down the struggle and the distrust, to be led like a child by what you are, by your very own Self?

Desire is, indeed, innocent. Where is feels less than that, it simply indicates an opportunity for perception correction. It never indicates an actual defect in you or in anyone else. We cannot stress this enough, because shame and the attempt to suppress desire run deep in your cultures. It’s the attempt to hide your own shared power from yourselves, and you have done a very, very good job. Ready or not, here you come! You have counted to twenty. You have hidden yourSelf away from yourself. Now it’s time to find You! Your innocent, fruitful, wholesome desire leads you to the hiding place.

We are always here to assist you as you play this game you chose to completion. We speak of Home, and you established contact with us through your powerful desire for remembrance. See that desire as the shining light it has always been, and you will see the same in others.

Photo by Tyler Shaw on Unsplash

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