All desire is for peace We will explain why you cannot judge action. All action is an expression of the longing to know perfection. The ego interprets perfection-in-form, its substitute for the perfection all are, in many ways. None of them can be judged because none of them has any real significance. To say that the actions performed in … Continue reading All desire is for peace

The homing beacon of desire

Desire leads you Home. Yes, in this world it appears to lead you on goose chases toward ephemeral and meaningless things, but focus on the core of desire. At the core of desire is that simple call for Home. Keep that flame burning bright. Know it for what it is every time it arises, and … Continue reading The homing beacon of desire

Gifts of the inner fire

We invite you to step into the inner fire of desire. That which has burned in you ever since you left the full and complete sense of wholeness--allow yourself to feel the burning of it in you now. That burning has always been there since the moment you thought you left (yet never did). It … Continue reading Gifts of the inner fire

The fruit of desire

Desire. Sit in the vibration of that word for a moment. How does it feel to you? Does any judgment arise when you contemplate the state of desire? We invite you to play a game. Whenever you notice the experience of desire today, say, "Congratulations to me!  I have felt desire! I am alive!" And … Continue reading The fruit of desire