The unwinding

All is mind. Think of that for a moment. All experience is generated by mind, and there is only the one mind. Pretty amazing, isn't it? What's more amazing to us is that you can be so distracted by the experiences you're generating that you forget the essential truth of you and all others. Kind … Continue reading The unwinding

Worth is shared

Will you choose to see love or will you choose to see fear? Yes, you get to decide. You are simply habituated to victim consciousness. We know you have come very far in understanding what you have been doing in accepting victim consciousness, but you are still habituated to it. The habits are breaking down … Continue reading Worth is shared

You are free

We invite you to act from your shared Self today. If you feel you don't know what that means or it feels like a struggle, we invite you to simply stop whenever you feel confusion or struggle during your day. Simply stop, take a breath, and affirm your intention to act from your shared Self.  … Continue reading You are free

The effervescence of you

Each time you feel limited, discover what perception you are insisting upon. We love to see you leaping over and bursting through conceptual fences. More than that, we love to see you dissolve them, and we rejoice at your discovery of your ability to do this. You show up in a sea of thought, do … Continue reading The effervescence of you

The irrelevance of circumstance

We invite you to watch. Watch how beliefs operate in your experience today. Watch them arise. Identify them. Be curious about their effects. Notice any attachment to belief. Who would you be without a particular belief? What do you think would happen without that belief? Is there any fear associated with the idea of that … Continue reading The irrelevance of circumstance

All are innocent

Nothing--no separate thing--can threaten you. We hear you laughing. You try being embodied, you say. The cars coming at you are very realistic! So let's sit in appreciation for a moment, looking together at the matrix of experience, of possibility, you have made. We are saying made versus created, and that is the difference between believed and experienced … Continue reading All are innocent

Returning to the Truth of everything

When you allow everything to be as it is, you stand completely still. There is no waiting and wondering. In the stillness of no-thought, what problem can you actually have? What is Real beyond all illusion? When you allow everything to be as it is in this moment, you allow yourself to be moved by … Continue reading Returning to the Truth of everything

Celebrate our union

Think of a state of non-attachment. What could you possibly be attached to? Only what isn't. The things that Are--love, compassion, joy, truth, power, harmony--they are You. You are not attached to them. You are those things. They cannot be detached from You because they are your very Self. So the only thing it is possible … Continue reading Celebrate our union

The beauty of standing in line

What in you is afraid of letting go? Maybe we should rephrase the question. What on you is afraid of letting go? Yes, we like this. Because within You, as you are, there is no fear. So fear is on you. And it is only on you because you are clinging to it. By clinging … Continue reading The beauty of standing in line

A collaboration with Jim Rajan

Hello, readers! I'm pleased to share a guided meditation created in collaboration with the beautiful music and sound engineering of Jim Rajan. You can find Jim on Patreon, Insight Timer, and YouTube. I truly appreciate the ease and inspiration of working with Jim--so glad that he reached out and suggested that we collaborate! Jim's music … Continue reading A collaboration with Jim Rajan