The time of the lion and the lamb

Let’s take a look at experience. You struggle with experience at times, and you also flow with it at other times. What is simply called Being from the perspective of timelessness is called the flow within time. Staying in the flow is about staying in being rather than in reactive struggle against experience.

What you experience reveals to you what you have been convinced of, what you believe. In a state of pure being, no beliefs are necessary, but here you give yourself the experience of belief. You can begin by believing that you can drop the crutches of belief, and then even that goes.

Why are we not recommending positive belief? If you notice, a positive belief is in opposition to a negative, and there is still some tension there. What awaits you is the beautiful abundance of this now moment, the flow that requires no belief–your true identity, love itself. If building up personal positive beliefs attracts you for now, then that is as it should be, but some of you are wondering why you don’t want to be “positive” anymore, why you don’t feel that pull that you used to. It’s because you’re willing to put the tension down now. You’re willing to show up as the whole self–a self that requires no definition, and that’s a very beautiful thing.

If you look very closely, if you’re honest, there have been times when you desired a polarity, and with that desire you also desired a limited quantity of that polarity, limited access to it. You wanted to be the happy one, the beautiful one, the accomplished one. In your world, in order for you to show up as such and be designated as such, an other needed to show up as your opposite. You can feel now that calling an other into a role that throws your desire into sharp, visible, recognizable relief–that just doesn’t feel good anymore.

This is what your parallel universes are all about. They all exist within the limits of ego and comparison. You can decide you’re done with all of that, and when you do, you become part of the convergence of timelines. You allow all those timelines to converge because you don’t need others to define you, and you don’t even need a definition of yourself. You have begun to see and to experience all others as love, and that experience just goes deeper and deeper.

When you allow love to be as it is, to express itself everywhere, you have stepped into an alternate co-creation–Heaven on Earth. It’s there right now, waiting for you, and you’re all assisting each other, with great love, in reaching it. Maybe you’re assisting each other by triggering healing opportunities right now, but that phase is temporary. It will pass.

When you stop needing various backgrounds to define the polarity of your choosing, you have taken an important step toward Home. When you do that, you share that knowledge with others, automatically, mind-to-mind. It’s always viral. Your being communicates freely and never lies.

Now is the time to be very gentle and loving with yourself and others. You are releasing a false desire for disorder. We call it false because you thought getting your way or the success of your personal self was peace, but now you are feeling something quite different. You want everybody to have their way and when you do, you access just who everybody is–the oneness of us all. You access that one way–divine will–and you recognize it as your own.

You are walking into the possibility that has always existed–the possibility of peace, joy and beauty for all. You don’t need any agreements to show up as opposite each other in order to define each other. Can you feel the freedom in that? You are walking into unlimitedness together. This is the part when the lion and the lamb lay down together.

So, in the meantime, where lion and lamb show up in your world, it’s no big deal. All is as it should be. As you fully accept and allow all manifestations of duality, you are able to respond where a response is needed and available. Acceptance doesn’t mean that you never offer assistance. It only means that you can see there is a gift and an opportunity in every dualistic event, as long as duality lasts. When you stop fighting within duality, you stop fueling it, and it is allowed to disappear. It doesn’t need to show up to teach you anymore once you get the lesson.

When you see through duality as though it is clear glass, allowing inspiration to guide you to loving interaction with your fellow beings, you allow what actually is–love. When you accept and allow what is happening, you also allow the response that will not sustain the conflict. Response invites all minds to peace, because response recognizes the true being of each participant in a dualistic enactment. Response means that you’re looking at what is–our connectedness, our worthiness, and our power, rather than what isn’t–all the manifestations of disorder that ego would have you turn to fear to attempt to control.

Do you desire conflict? Do you, as you truly are, desire conflict? First of all, conflict isn’t real. It’s an experience that the choice for ego gives you, and you are all learning to choose again together. You, as you truly are, have never desired conflict, but you have believed that you are an entity that lacks. When you believe you are a body and a personality that has to struggle to remedy a constant sense of lack, you seem to desire the conflict that will deliver unto you (but not some others) the polarity of your choosing.

When you realize who you are, what you are, and where you are, all that stops. It dies down, and then you share that mind-to-mind with your fellow beings. This is how this awakening works.

You don’t need to be the separated one who is right because you have never actually been the separated one. Isn’t that simple and elegant? And now you are ready to see it.

When you desire to be the one who is separated and right, you seem to desire war in your world. When you know the fullness and the wholeness of you, and you can see it in all others, the world has to transform. War cannot continue when it is denied its source of sustenance. The illusion responds to its master.

Go ahead. Starve war, because it has only ever been an illusion. All else is love. We are with you always, but you can really feel it when you choose to abide in peace.

Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

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