Greeting you with joy

The Truth is within you. The Truth is within all others. The Truth is present and dancing in every cell of every being. The Truth is present and dancing in every molecule of every thing. Can you feel the stability, the continuity, the unity there? The shared awareness of this is what you are here … Continue reading Greeting you with joy

Unconditional Mind Today we will explore Mind vs. mind. You are accustomed to mind. This mind is what delivers the thoughts you consider to be your own to you. It's the mind that is convinced you are acting of your own, separate volition and that you are separate from others. You are also accustomed to Mind … Continue reading Unconditional Mind

Welcome to the head of the pin

Think of one location--let's call it the head of a pin. This is actually the where of where everything is. All those other locations? You give yourself the experience of this. We  want you to experience how equally wondrous a meadow and mini-mart are. You give yourself the experience of both. Take a moment to … Continue reading Welcome to the head of the pin

No separation

Place yourself, in your mind's eye, in a field. There is a tree twenty feet in front of you. There is you, and there's that tree, but there's actually no separation between you and that tree. It's all conceptual. All separation occurs in concept, and separation was brought into being through the means of concept. … Continue reading No separation

Forgiveness and understanding making vs. creating

Stress and anxiety are indicators that we have not forgiven ourselves. As we understand making vs. creating, we can accept the invitation into wholeness that every event brings us. Part 2 includes an exploration of insanity as an invitation to sanity--remembering who we are. Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

The delight of rebirth in the here and now Hellooo! We are speaking to you from a great distance--the great beyond--that is why we are shouting! Just kidding. Actually, we're breathing right down your neck, but we don't want to be creepy (a delightful and fun notion you have of creepy--thank you), so we are giving you at least a little of what … Continue reading The delight of rebirth in the here and now

Time is a story believed

We would like to draw your attention to one of our siblings who always walks with you, who is always available to you. This is the resonance of Yeshua, better known to many as Jesus. As a man, he surrendered his separation consciousness in quite spectacular fashion, and he is always available to assist you … Continue reading Time is a story believed

The deep green heart of communication

Imagine a tree. The"where" of us, which includes you, is at the very heart, the life-giving essence, of this tree. It's the actual "where" of you, too. Energetically, if you are clinging to one of the tree branches, you don't feel good. You don't feel God, which is what you are. Think of that the … Continue reading The deep green heart of communication