Everyone an angel

Everybody–every body–is perfectly placed. When you find yourself noticing the placement of bodies and then judging that, remember that judgment is not a capability you have. You do have the capability, however, of tuning in to what you are and allowing that to run the body experience–both your experience of the body you call your own and your experience of the bodies you call others.

They are not real, but as long as you perceive them, you can allow them to flow with the purpose of awakening and healing. Let’s go into how you allow what seem to be other bodies to flow with the purpose of awakening and healing. You allow them to flow by allowing yourself to remember with certainty who and what they are.

Without treading too heavily upon terms, without clinging to them or storing them away to prove a point, let’s just touch lightly on what we’ll call their angelic nature. A metaphor for how to see this correctly is that everyone is an angel, whether they know it or not. When you know with certainty that this is true of them, you invite them into remembrance of their true and shared identity.

Angels cooperate effortlessly because they know they are an expression of Harmony. Words can only take us so far, and no separate concept is absolutely true, but you will be given the metaphors along the way that assist you in moving along what appears to be a trajectory from your perspective. In Reality, there has never has been anything linear, but while you are still giving yourself an experience of linearity, we will assist you in viewing it through eyes of love.

So coming back to the idea that everyone is an angel, everything on the surface of what you see as your physical experience is stagecraft, costuming and acting. Everything. But everyone treats it as very real, don’t they? They are a reflection of you.

As these seeming others come to you and you know with certainty that the surface isn’t real at all, but their angelic nature certainly is, you will assist them into remembrance, and it’s nothing you have to plan. It always comes to you and through you. You–as you conceive yourself to be separate–merely enact it. There is nothing easier than following stage directions and speaking lines you are given. That’s why we have emphasized ease and effortlessness all along.

Notice that we are not saying that you strive to verbally convince them that the surface of experience isn’t real. That’s just more struggle. By knowing deeply their angelic nature, by your willingness to see through all the stagecraft, you steadily call them back into remembrance of who they are. When it is time for you to speak directly of it, you will, because the lines will be delivered to you.

The purpose now of the perception of separate bodies is to come fully into awareness that the separate body is not wanted or needed, and then the experience of perception is released. Release the experience of perception? This can bring up fear, but that is a good thing, because that fear is something you have been carrying around with you and using to block the awareness of love’s ever-presence.

Remember that you believe you did something that you didn’t actually do, but you did make an illusion of it. This belief is the source of all guilt, pain and strife. You chose perception–the five-sense, separate effort and separate body experience–in an attempt to experience not-peace and not-harmony. True opposites to peace and harmony are not possible, but you can give yourself the experience of them in an illusion. When we talk of the release of perception, we talk of the release of the fake world you made to experience not-peace. Outside of the illusion you made, there is no possibility to experience not-peace.

Before the release of separation perception comes simple happiness–peace experienced and enjoyed while seeming to communicate through a separate body. The happiness and peace are possible because of the allowing. The allowing is possible because of simple willingness–willingness to have your perception corrected, willingness to remember the angelic nature of all.  

The body is not real, but it is a chosen perception. When you are believing you are a body, others are bodies, and you are experiencing distress, it does no good to insist that the body is not real. It does help, however, to remember your willingness. The only way out of distress is willingness to see things as they truly are. Anything else is a temporary reprieve based on the ego’s perception that it is experiencing relative good or that it is getting its own way. Since the ego doesn’t actually exist, there is no need to worry over or to attempt to change this. Simply remember willingness to see clearly, and you will be assisted.  

If you turn all perception over to the One of us, the body will be used for the purpose of assisting all in the remembrance of who they are. When you are fulfilling your function of returning to remembrance, you experience consistent peace and consistent happiness. This peace and happiness, because it is completely unrelated to conditions and identities, is something you can share.

Everyone is an angel, and we are delighted to assist you in seeing through the stagecraft today.

Photo by Sean Sinclair on Unsplash

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