Geography of the soul

What separates you from others?

What could possibly keep you from experiencing the love that you are with your divine siblings? What seems to keep you apart from the joy that you are? Specific things will arise. As these seeming-specifics arise, it is always your opportunity for joyous release.

Each time one of these seeming specifics arises, you are being given a wonderful opportunity to see how you actively block the experience of the Love you and all others are. Seeing how you block out of fear, you have the opportunity to notice the perception that leads to the rigidity of blocking. You have the opportunity to allow the perception to be removed, because it never kept you safe.

Here is an example. You are in a line of cars at the ATM. The line is not moving. The thought occurs, “It should be moving by now.” Now child-thoughts of the parent-thought will follow, if the first thought is believed. “There’s something wrong.” “That person is too slow.” And if those thoughts are believed, then the intensity of emotion is felt. See the wonderful alarm effect? After you have believed three thoughts in a row that are not true because they are based upon judgment of an illusion, the alarm goes off to let you know what you have been up to.

Now while you are in line at this ATM, you are surrounded by divine siblings believing in their separation from each other. The whole time, their minds are touching. So what will you share with the occupants of the eight others cars in line at the ATMs? Are you going to notice the alarm going off and respond with a willingness to have your perception corrected? If you do, you have just shared a path to enlightenment with everyone around you who has never been separate from you. You have just done a very beautiful thing. In helping yourself, you help others, always.

At the perfect time, the car ahead of you moves forward. Wasn’t that a wonderful opportunity you just had for clearing and cleansing? And what you did assisted all the others-who-can’t-be-other. It doesn’t get any better than that. That was indeed an opportunity for joy.

So to return to the first question, what separates you from others? If you look at it, it’s always a perception.

Perceptions can elicit emotions. When you have a particular perception, like traffic should always flow and should never be stuck, there are a variety of thoughts-believed associated with that perception. One is this: I’m going to be angry and annoyed if traffic doesn’t flow. Another: If traffic doesn’t flow, someone is inept.

So let’s say you believed a string of thoughts and didn’t stop to question them. Now you seem to be simmering in full-blown annoyance and irritability. What then? Celebrate! You have revealed to yourself something important. You are revealing to yourself an attachment to the experience of these emotions. The idea that you could be a victim of someone else’s actions brings up these emotions, and the truth is that you can’t be a victim. You can play and believe in the role, however.

These emotions surface to let you know that you have been hanging on to the projection of disorder elsewhere all along, which means that you have been hanging on to the separation because you fear the love it obscures. You fear the love the separation obscures because you believe you have separated successfully (illusion) and you believe you will be punished for it (illusion). The only place you can have an experience of punishment is within an illusion. You can feel how it feels to churn out more illusion–not good. Isn’t that very simple and clear?

So when you are feeling how that feels, your nonphysical assistants are surrounding you. Some people are very comfortable calling them angels. Others cannot believe in angels and benefit more from seeing non-persons, just loving energy, surrounding them. Doesn’t matter how you see it or what you call it. It’s there. There are loving beings not currently attached to physical expression, and they will remove flawed perception. When you allow it to be removed, simply by intention, the awareness of love’s ever-presence seems to flood in to take its place. It was there all long. You just didn’t feel it because you were valuing disorder over harmony. You thought you had to, but you don’t.

The arising of emotion shows you where you attach to anything other than the peace that you are.  This is why it is beautiful to become aware of what you are experiencing and beautiful to allow yourself to look at it lovingly and without judgment. Who is looking? Who is loving? It’s coming up, you see what you have been doing, and you also feel willing to release misperception. You feel willing to see clearly. Willingness is all it takes. The mind will clear, and that clarity will be shared with all because there is only one Mind.

Allowing yourself to feel is geography of the soul. Once you allow the latitude and longitude of where you attach to illusion to be revealed to you through your attachment to particular perceptions, you can offer those perceptions up willingly for correction. Celebrate every moment of allowing your attachment to illusion to reveal itself. Celebrate, and remember that simple willingness to have your perception corrected is always the remedy.

We walk with you. We delight in you. You are always loved.

Photo by Capturing the human heart. on Unsplash

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