Everyone an angel

Everybody--every body--is perfectly placed. When you find yourself noticing the placement of bodies and then judging that, remember that judgment is not a capability you have. You do have the capability, however, of tuning in to what you are and allowing that to run the body experience--both your experience of the body you call your … Continue reading Everyone an angel

Turning off the identity spawner

Conflict is caused by a temptation to attach to an identity that is not your own, every time. As you do this, you also attach to ideas of separate identities for all of the players in the dramas your are experiencing. In the context of the experience of conflict, time is very useful. It is … Continue reading Turning off the identity spawner

See them as they truly are, and they will blossom as who they truly are

Excuse us, but could the owner of this body please step forward? Who owns this body, please? Who does own a body? Oh, the occupant? And who is that? Who occupies the body? The entity occupying and operating the body--its it merely contained within it, trapped, or can it exceed its bounds? How is the owner … Continue reading See them as they truly are, and they will blossom as who they truly are

Who you aren’t

We extend to you today the option of staying open to who you are, rather than getting caught up in the struggle and the storyline of who you aren't. Ask, "What is the purpose of the body today?" Can you ask this question innocence and openness, not knowing the answer? Can you remain open to … Continue reading Who you aren’t

Thorn in the foot

I woke up wondering why I felt like I was boiling in oil, emotionally speaking. I indulged in a few moments of, "Well, if you think you've come so far spiritually, why does it seem at this moment as if you have stuffed up life completely and have no idea how to live?" There's a … Continue reading Thorn in the foot