Walk through fear to Joy

To recognize Divine Will is to face fear. The only fear you could truly have is of love. Every fear you have is about the punishment you believe you will suffer because you have done something wrong. You can only think something can go wrong if you think you did wrong and the anticipated negative experience is your punishment.

You are in charge. You all are Spirit, and you have dominion over what you experience. You can experience deep and never-ending happiness. It is always within your reach. Paradoxically, you experience the truth of your being in charge of your experience when you allow the deeper truth of what you are to take charge. So it seems at first as if you allow something other than what you are to take charge, but you are inseparable from that thing. You only let go of what you never were.

We will say this to you as many times as we need to: You have done nothing wrong. This is a simulation, a dreamworld in which true wrongdoing is not possible. You have always been loved, protected and cherished. You have always been held in safety. The only punishment you could ever experience is punishment within an illusion.

God’s will for you is perfect happiness. You are asleep and dreaming. If you were awake, there would be nothing but the awareness of love and joy. We are here to help you wake up. As you wake up, your divine siblings are awakened. We reassure you that you have nothing to fear. We remind you that you have to look beyond what you think operates this world to emerge from it.

What do you emerge into? First, you allow the world to become a reflection of your happiness. This is Heaven on Earth. What happens after that is beyond your comprehension. We can call it a full return to your True Self. You are here to bring this return into experience.

Aligning with Divine Will is to travel through all your fears and to face head-on a deep sense of unworthiness. We are with you as you face each thought that lies to you about who you are and how this works. We are with you as you allow your perception to transform in alignment with the Power you are. We are with you as you walk through seeming terror and emerge into the Joy we are.

What is the world for? Everything in your world now will serve you in facing fear and in seeing that it is nothing, based on illogical premises.  As you see through the fundamental lack of logic in fear, you will share this ability with minds across time and space. As this awareness returns to minds across time and space, you will stop condemning each other, and then you will stop condemning yourselves. Imagine a world in which all condemnation has ceased. This is the world you are bringing into experience.

Remember your mind-to-mind connection, the power of it. As your mind lets go of fear, other minds let go with you. As you meet what you perceive to be others, each one holds a gift for you that assists you in releasing fear. You have a gift for all others, too. Focus on the simultaneous sharing, the release of fear. The time to retreat into separate and conflicting personalities is over. You need no protection from what you perceive to be the other. Now it is time to join in healing.

We are here as you discover the difference between retreat and joining. We are here as you discover you have nothing to fear. It is our joy to perform the energetic massage that assists you in releasing old perception to accept Vision and to share it with others. We thank you, and we abide in constant celebration of what we are, which always includes you.

Photo by Adrien Tutin on Unsplash

12 thoughts on “Walk through fear to Joy

    1. Always so glad to hear when it resonates, Susana–you’re welcome. 💚

      My daughter is named Susanna, and the name always represents a sweet connection to Spirit for me. Before I knew I was pregnant with her, my 2yo son told me, “I’m going to have a little sister, and her name is going to be Susanna!” 💜

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