The light we are dissolves what isn’t

You can do anything you want to do. How does that feel? Do you believe it? If you don't believe it, what seems to stand in your way? Is it perception you've adopted because of the evidence the world you've made through illusion seems to show you? We suggest to you that the illusion you … Continue reading The light we are dissolves what isn’t

Video: Who is in charge?

Who or what do you allow to have authority over your experience? Do you give authority to that which you are--love, the wholeness of all things--or to disparate, separate, illusory elements of that which is being projected from Mind? When you remember to place authority where it actually is, your own experience becomes easier. reading Video: Who is in charge?

I will allow it

This experience is projected from mind. Think about that for a moment. This experience is projected from mind. It isn't real. You know what's real now, though. You can feel what's real. You are here to bring what's real into prominence within this illusion. Can you do it? Why, yes you can. Before you gave … Continue reading I will allow it

Lights, camera, forgiveness

I don't usually introduce my messages, but can I just say Wow? Wow. It's big. I'm not quite coherent at the moment, but I feel like Ed Sullivan. I want to tell you that there's going to be a really big show, and today's message helps us remember that it's not just a big show. … Continue reading Lights, camera, forgiveness

All ships navigating in perfection

We have some advice for you when you are looking at a sea of bodies. Why don't you see all ships navigating as surely as your own? Yes, that would mean you see your soul, embodied, as exquisitely guided and moving through space and time in perfection. If you can see it in yourself, you … Continue reading All ships navigating in perfection

Inevitable expansion

The five-sense world seems very real. That doesn't mean that it is very real. It's powered by reality because you are choosing to obscure reality, and your choice is always supported.  The fact that you are choosing to obscure reality does not make anything your fault. It only makes you completely responsible. That only means that … Continue reading Inevitable expansion

Traveling together through time, beyond time

You are accustomed to a set of perception, a mode of perception. These perceptions are intertwined with a host of thoughts believed, and many of these thoughts are lies. They make perfect logical sense in the world of the separate self, but they are still lies. You know they are lies by how they feel. … Continue reading Traveling together through time, beyond time

Take two steps forward to align with Divine Will

Good morning. Here is your toolbox. Imagine this happens at the start of every day. You are handed that which will provide you with what you need for that day, and it's never possible for anything to be missing. All the strength and flexibility and abundance you need is always with you, and it always … Continue reading Take two steps forward to align with Divine Will

Resting in fulfillment, acting from fulfillment

When you awake each morning, you have one purpose. It is carried out in many different ways, but you have one purpose--to serve the awakening of all, and in doing that, to serve your own awakening. The ego encourages you--love--to go in search of satisfaction, but there is something more than satisfaction. That is why … Continue reading Resting in fulfillment, acting from fulfillment

Our partnership in curiosity

Ask yourself what you want today, and be genuinely curious about it. Do you want one specific thing that you're going to use force of will to make happen, and then another specific thing and then another specific thing, or do you want the flow? Anytime we set up a comparison like this, it is … Continue reading Our partnership in curiosity