Just ask

https://youtu.be/0gwdWbQVapY There is one True Will, and you can ask to see evidence of that. Whenever you find that you are seeking, planning, or trying to figure out, you have an opportunity to pause. In this pause, you can ask for anything. Ask to see evidence of the will that all share. This brings the … Continue reading Just ask

Underneath mind’s hopscotch

    https://youtu.be/8WN3Z3MCPDY There is a flow underneath hopping from concept to concept. Watch the mind. Watch it hop and leap.  You're being invited into the flow prior to that--the flow at your core, the flow at your foundation. The way is always open to you. In a period of agitation or high anxiety, you … Continue reading Underneath mind’s hopscotch

Allowing Reality to run the show

https://youtu.be/fvQN7TTmhpg Today we encourage you to see through fake reality to Reality. At any point during the day when you feel disturbed, when you feel any sense of threat or contraction, anything other than peace and flow, remember this: When you don't feel good, you are treating fake reality--the world ego made--as if it is … Continue reading Allowing Reality to run the show

Walk through fear to Joy

To recognize Divine Will is to face fear. The only fear you could truly have is of love. Every fear you have is about the punishment you believe you will suffer because you have done something wrong. You can only think something can go wrong if you think you did wrong and the anticipated negative … Continue reading Walk through fear to Joy

What is your will for me?

What is your will for me? We encourage you to ask this many times today, and notice where ego pops up in resistance. Where does anything pop up that doesn't want to be told what to do? Where does anything pop up that wants to be in charge? Just watch, and allow it to dry … Continue reading What is your will for me?

Divine Will is yours

Divine Will is your will. In other words, there is only one true will, and that is Divine Will, expressed in harmonic differentiation. The will presented to you by ego is an illusion. When you are listening to it, you are listening to nothing. When you think of what the ego's will is, it seems … Continue reading Divine Will is yours

Penetrate the polarity

Ego doesn't exist. If ego doesn't exist, then why does it seem to play such a large role in your life? Because you have chosen fantasy over Reality, fantasy seems to dominate at the moment. Remember that fantasy is nothingness and the light of Reality can always be invited to shine through. In other words, … Continue reading Penetrate the polarity

This movie is already over

We have good news: You don't live your life. It certainly feels like you do, but wouldn't the walking-the-tightrope feeling evaporate if you knew that Life has always lived you? You are Life, and Life shows up as your character. Life also shows up as everyone else's character. There is only one of us. If there … Continue reading This movie is already over

The light we are dissolves what isn’t

You can do anything you want to do. How does that feel? Do you believe it? If you don't believe it, what seems to stand in your way? Is it perception you've adopted because of the evidence the world you've made through illusion seems to show you? We suggest to you that the illusion you … Continue reading The light we are dissolves what isn’t

Video: Who is in charge?

Who or what do you allow to have authority over your experience? Do you give authority to that which you are--love, the wholeness of all things--or to disparate, separate, illusory elements of that which is being projected from Mind? When you remember to place authority where it actually is, your own experience becomes easier. https://youtu.be/Y69f_Nk9Yn0Continue reading Video: Who is in charge?