Receiving a process

Hi, all πŸ’š

Thanks again so much for your assistance yesterday. I actually have a post and practice almost ready to publish, but I’ve been redirected into receiving a multi-day healing process that is really beautiful. It goes very slowly and carefully into all the ways we project upon each other, and it helps us to break that down and release it.

I really have no idea how long this will take! I keep laughing as ego tries to label it and as I feel tempted to attach to a label. I’ve been asking for a while that if I got caught up in a routine with this blog, as I have, that it be dismantled if something else needs to come through, and here comes something else!

So grateful for this process, and it’s so encouraging to know that we will be given structures and routines as theyΒ temporarily serve us, but they will also go on pause or disappear when that is needed. Here’s to being open to guidance!


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