Looking beyond perception

Thanks to all who helped with renewing the blog. I can’t find a way to thank each of you personally through PayPal, but just know that I am full of gratitude for how you reached out! One of you asked about a book, so I wanted to let you know that I am already working on one. The idea is to offer several collections of blog posts that will spiral readers down into awakening. I’m not sure how long it will take, but I’m excited to share it with you!

In the meantime, I am still working on the process I’m receiving, being instructed to go very deeply into it myself, so I will share that as soon as it’s ready. What I’m really loving about it is that although it’s intense and goes deep, it’s really simple. 💜


Let’s look at body perception today. Let’s look at your-body perception and other-body perception. The perception of separate bodies is possible because of thought. The experience of bodies that seem to be solid is possible because of thought. All of your experience here is based upon thought that forms into a network of beliefs. Your network of beliefs is the basis of the consistency of your perception.

Thought has the power to show you what is not. This is the basis of this world. When you go to thought instead of physicality as cause, you are looking at how this experience works.

You have the experience of solid vs. not-solid. Nothing is truly solid, however. All of phenomenality is illusory, which means all opposites are illusory. So the body is not solid. In fact, the body isn’t. It doesn’t exist, but it seems to be, and that is because of thought.

Underneath all perception, there is something else there. You use perception to block what is truly there. We invite you to look beyond the curtain. When something seems to be not-right to you today, do not go to physicality for the cause. Ask instead to peek behind the curtain. Acknowledge that you are using perception to block something. Ask what it is. Cultivate a curiosity about what you have been hiding from yourself.

You have been allowing perception to run the show, but the power has always been yours. You have been pretending that you are subject to a world that can destroy you. You, as you truly are, are indestructible. You can allow what is underneath perception to run the show.

Notice yourself believing perceptions about the physical world, believing judgments ego suggests based on the physical world. Then take a moment to ask what is true underneath the illusion of perception. Ask what is true. See what arises. It arises at your invitation.

We rejoice to see you peering underneath what has never been real, and we always walk with you on your path of rediscovery.

If you’d like a practice, see Practice 35 – I am willing to see what is underneath this

Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash

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