Peace requires no change

When you allow communication with us, you are Here and Now. You are always Here and Now. It’s just that you allow your perception to acknowledge this truth. You leave illusion aside and come to kneel in the light for a time. We are suggesting to you that you stop coming and going. Stay here, as this, no kneeling required. Stay here as the light, not as a sometimes visitor to the light, and you will see that light as the true identity of everyone you meet. How can the world fail to become beautiful in your sight when you stay as you are? Nothing is more simple than staying as you are. It requires no technology.

You can communicate with everyone from the position of Here and Now. In fact, you do and you always have. True communication is ongoing at all times. True communication is the love that exists between and as all beings. From the perspective of perception, it seems that something changes, that the quality of interaction changes. In fact, you are simply allowing what has always been there to be revealed. Allow true communication to decide the form of all of your action and speech. This is called effortlessness.

Making an effort to escape from what you Are? This is called stress. Simply abiding as you are and always have been? This is called peace. Peace requires no change. It simply Is and is available to all at all times. Let you be a symbol and a guide of this peace that is so easily reachable, the peace of which all are worthy at all times.

Peace requires no change. When you allow ego to take over the concept of peace, ego will give a laundry list of how form must change and indeed how you as a separate entity must make form change to bring about peace. Don’t fall for that prank. Ego will have you dipping and whirling in an endless dance of struggle. Not even that. Ego will have you endlessly dreaming of this struggle, about the character who seems to struggle, about all of the whirling identities projected by this character. It is only a soap opera. When you watch a soap opera, do you begin to make a list of all the ways in which it must be fixed? No, you recognize it as a distracting drama. Peace does not require that you fix an illusion. Illusions are wiggly and don’t hold still. They are not fixable. Look through the illusion to what is fixed and unchanging. There is your peace–alive and available right now.

The illusion’s job is to prove to you that your judgments are justified. That is its only function. Because the dream seems to demonstrate that your judgments and attempts at control are justified, you stay lost in separate identity. It is inevitable, though, that you will see through this false identity, that you will stop taking the invitation to judge. That you will return to full awareness of your Self is not up to you. The only thing that is up to you is how long it will take. You can use intention to stay lost a while longer, or you can use intention to be found, to find your Self.

In this dream that you seem to share with others, you are accustomed to interacting with those ones using the past as the foundation upon which you stand. You seem to make decisions about a future based on this idea of the past, and you allow ego to give you a sense that you as a separate entity are controlling and determining events and their qualities. This is a game. It is a very convincing game. Perception was made for the purpose of playing this game.

You can make one very important decision. You can decide that now perception has a new role. Perception’s ancient function of proving the judgments of a separate entity can be set down now. When the ancient function is set down, the new one arises. Perception’s new function becomes revealing the true identity of all through the means of a healing drama.

When you are finished with children’s toys, you can allow perception to become a full participant in the means that would heal all.  If you are willing to recognize that the past is meaningless, then you can stand upon the Here and Now as you interact with others.

When you stand upon the Here and Now, you allow yourself to be a conduit for radiance to and recognize the full radiance that all others are eternally. You are always standing upon the Here and Now. So is everyone else. It is only in pretending that you stand upon the past and make decisions about a meaningless future. Recognize that you have always been standing upon the Here and Now. In fact, you are it. If you are it, then everyone else must be–no exceptions. See this first before all else, and see what happens.

We thank you. We love you. We abide with you, always.

Photo by Ashley Askew on Unsplash

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