Look to the light

Anywhere you make the world more important than the assistance that would guide you through it, fear will arise. Fortunately for you, it is a very good thing that the assistance that would guide you never leaves you, cannot leave you. It takes no coffee breaks. Also fortunately for you, it is a blessing when fear is revealed and recognized. To call fear an enemy would make a something out of a nothing, but the nothingness of fear is what you use to block the experience of complete safety, security and rest. When it seems that safety, security and rest are being withheld from you, rest assured that it is always you who are blocking them. This is very good news. It attests to the impossibility of victimization.

When fear comes, it is because you have already accepted it as a foundation and as an identity. When you become aware of fear, remember that in this moment it is being revealed to you, and there is no better time than right now to realize that it is unnecessary and can be removed. Fear is no one’s fault. It’s simply evidence of confusion. Ask us for help: Please take this from me and use all misdirected energy for good. We are one, so we are all in this together. We are always ready and waiting to help.

Any sense of struggle comes from forgetting how supported you have always been. When you are in the midst of struggle, call to us: Help me understand that assistance is available to me now.

What you accept for yourself as an identity, you project out for others as their identities. What you accept and what you project, you experience. When fear is revealed, you are witnessing the building blocks of the identity that you have accepted for yourself and the identities that you project out upon others. All of life experience can be turned over to allowing fear to be revealed and allowing it to be replaced with joy.

When guilt arises, it is the bounceback from belief in the wrongdoing of others. If you believe separate others do wrong, you will experience yourself as a wrongdoer–no exceptions. It doesn’t matter if you have used effort and behavior control to struggle to not be a wrongdoer. If you see others as wrongdoers, you will experience yourself in this way. There is only one of us.

When you seem to be especially fixated on the wrongdoing of others, you are hiding from the terrible weight of guilt you carry as separate identity. All of this suffering can be swept away if you realize that in the moment you see your attachment to suffering, you can also let it go.

When you stop trying to block love–and this is all the attachment to suffering is–you can experience it. Love is not a person-to-person deal. Love existed before personhood and will exist forever. It is not doled out by persons and it is not dependent upon persons. It is simply always here. It is the simplest technology in the world.

The fear that seems to be “out there” in the world is entirely your responsibility, and that is a wonderfully beneficial thing. How could you end up in a world of conflict where fear is present? Only by your own choice, and again, this is a very good thing. Where you once chose in favor of fear and the experience it would give you, you can now choose in favor of Love. Every moment is your opportunity to choose Love. To choose Love does not mean to control behavior or speech in a facsimile of what the ego calls loving. You are safe to let all of that go. To choose Love means to ask Love to color your perception, and to allow all action and speech flow from there.

The light at the core of all is activated by the awareness that there is truly nothing to fear.  When you look at one who seems to be other today, remember that light. Fix your determination to look right through judgments about speech, personality and actions, and look straight at the light that one is. Thank the light for coming to assist you today. This is why that one is near you–only to reflect the light you are back to you, only to bask in the beauty of the light you are.

If you seem to be experiencing dissension, tension or uncertainty with that one, give thanks for the opportunity to release distorted perception. This is all that is arising, and it is nothing. It can be easily swept away. Remember and bask in the light. This is your only job, and you are very safe and supported in doing it.

We thank you for looking to the light for instruction today. We are always here, and we are delighted to assist.

Photo by Jessica Ruscello on Unsplash

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