Time to wake up

Waking up and remembering who you are means that you remember there is only one true place, no matter what seems to be happening in your world: Here and Now. If you can abide here, even as opinions and assumptions wash up at your shore, then you are keeping your attention in the core of the Truth that All is Well. Can you become a beacon of All is Well everywhere you go? As you walk through the illusion you chose with the certainty that you and all are loved and supported in every moment, you help others to realize that everything is okay.

To hold this center steady no matter what is really your only job, and who holds the center steady? The center just is, and seeing that consistently allows all other thoughts to fall away. It is a seeing, not a doing. In your seeing, all doing takes care of itself. It is very natural and very obvious. We encourage you simply to focus upon the seeing and not to fret, comment upon, cherish opinions about, or project futures based on what you think you or others are doing or saying.

The sayings and doings in the world come quite naturally and easily when you recognize how simple you are, how simple the only real thing is. Everything becomes much easier when you can recognize that the only real thing there is is available to all immediately. In fact, it is what they are. Opinions, assumptions and judgments are only clouds that distract you from truth for a while.

We’d like you to look at the subtlety of your positive opinions. Let’s say that you think one of you is extraordinarily kind. Does this mean that another of you is truly extraordinarily unkind? If you believe this, and further, if you place yourself on that scale of unkindness to kindness, projecting a future in which maybe someday you can hope to be as kind as that one, you are missing what you are right now. You are missing what that other one playing the role of unkindness is right now.

Look through the roles to the one Love that everyone shares. Now you have set the stage for everyone to remember, and remember quickly, that you have all been fooling around with untruths, but you can all settle down into Truth now. In Truth, there has never been any wrongdoing. There has only been a feverish and chaotic dream of wrongdoing that you have chosen to experience. That is all. Any one of you can remember this for all of you.

You have chosen to experience an illusion, and coming out of that illusion requires that you recognize what you have done and that you rest easy and quiet as you allow its apparent effects to be undone. The effects are undone for you. In other words, perceiving yourself as ego, that ego does nothing to correct perception. It can’t. It depends upon distorted perception to exist. So rest easy. There is nothing for “you,” as you conceive of any separate self, to do. All you can do is to allow your perception to be corrected. In this sense “you” (as a separate self) are powerless. However, You, as you truly are–you are all the power that has ever existed. That is why there is nothing to fear. No fake power can seem to overpower true power–unless you value illusion over Truth. Remember the great power you are, all are, and you will rest easy, allowing that power to do its work.

Just as all that a medical professional wants from you during a procedure is for you to rest still and quiet, the same is true for allowing the effects of illusions to be undone. As you have done nothing wrong, and neither has anyone else, no matter what perception or memory would tell you, there is no need to struggle to correct or undo. It is in the perception that the undoing is done, and done for you. Rest easy and quiet. Know how loved you are. As you know how loved you are, know how equally loved all are. It could never be any other way, since brownie points don’t exist. Judgment of apparent behavior does not exist. It is only a ride you have been taking by choice, and there is no penalty for that choice.

If you feel you must do something, say thank you, silently, mind-to-mind, when you meet or think of anyone. Any one who appears to be a separate one can only do one of two things–they can reveal to you your attachment to an illusion (an illusion that you can allow to be swept away right now) or they can reflect the love and joy in which you have always been held–back to you. That is all. Each apparently separate being has only those two settings, and both settings deliver a service unto you. In truth, no matter how it looks, all that can happen in any world at any time is deep service to one another.

Say thank you to all for the deep service they have always performed, for that is all they have ever been capable of, no exceptions. The same is true for you. The only thing that can be “wrong” here is that you are attached to an illusion, and this is always by choice. As sunflowers around you burst open with love and joy, you will very naturally drop this attachment, and you will feel safe to do so. As you drop your attachments, others will feel safe in dropping theirs, too. This is how you are all always helping each other, no exceptions.

We thank you for your deep service, as we recognize the deep service performed eternally by all for all. Rejoice in what we are! You have every reason to rejoice today and to relax into the support that is always there for you. Because we are blessed in abundance without limit, you are blessed in the same way. Bask in the sunshine of that blessing today, and share that light with all.

Photo by Lina Angelov on Unsplash


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