The discomfort of an invention There is only one way you truly want to go. You want to go Home. You want to go to Peace. The only reason you think you want anything in this world is that you think you will find peace in the having of it. If you want peace, that means that you must … Continue reading The discomfort of an invention

Allowing world transformation Peace is your inheritance and the inheritance of all. In other words, all are truly wealthy. When you feel disturbed, Peace is always much, much closer than you think. Conditions in a storyline do not have to be worked out before you can experience Peace. Peace is your nature, and it is your content. … Continue reading Allowing world transformation

Peace requires no change When you allow communication with us, you are Here and Now. You are always Here and Now. It's just that you allow your perception to acknowledge this truth. You leave illusion aside and come to kneel in the light for a time. We are suggesting to you that you stop coming and going. Stay … Continue reading Peace requires no change

The treasure is within The answer is within.  You can be told that at times, and it feels frustrating. If the answer is within, why don't I know it? More accurately, you are the answer. The answer to why you feel frustrated is that you are blocking yourself. The good news is that you are the one doing it, … Continue reading The treasure is within

The time of the lion and the lamb

Let's take a look at experience. You struggle with experience at times, and you also flow with it at other times. What is simply called Being from the perspective of timelessness is called the flow within time. Staying in the flow is about staying in being rather than in reactive struggle against experience. What you … Continue reading The time of the lion and the lamb

Walk on Earth without conflict

Once upon a time, there was a tiny, mad idea, as your A Course in Miracles calls it, and you believed it. Then you remembered that it was false, and you laughed. This is the story you are living. You are on the remembrance journey now. What is the tiny, mad idea? It is the idea … Continue reading Walk on Earth without conflict

Talking to you from who you truly are "Do you want to set that bag of rocks down yet?" Why, yes. Yes, I do. This is what I hear as I find myself agonizing about what to say to my 12-year-old son, wondering if he feels loved, panicking because I'm not finding anything to say as he comes to the kitchen to … Continue reading Talking to you from who you truly are