Coming to your assistance

We invite you to allow your ideas of helping each other to be transformed. If you feel inspired to physically assist someone, go ahead. How you see them before, during and after your assistance of them is much more important, however.

Remember that you are always seeing the version of the character that you allow yourself to see. You are always seeing the world at your request. It is a world of opposites, a world where forces can seem to overwhelm individuals. You can choose to see a world where all shine so brightly that the idea of opposing forces fades into the nothingness it always was.

Spend time in quiet focus upon whom you think you see, and then find your willingness to see the truth in them. You think you see someone in need. Already this is a distraction from the fact that you see yourself as lacking. Acknowledge the truth of the eternal abundance that always exists beyond this illusion, and you assist everyone. Just take a moment to acknowledge. This is time well spent. After that point, inspiration will tell you what to do and say. It may seem that you come to the assistance of the one in need, but now you do so from the perspective of equality and gratitude.

Where you think they are weak, you can invite yourself to see strength. If you are willing to see strength in them, you are willing to see strength in yourself. You become willing to see what you all are as so strong that it cannot be eroded by that back and forth forces that seem to be at work in your world.

Where you think they are poor, you can invite yourself to see abundance. Worldly abundance is just one of a pair of opposites. Worldly abundance helps to define worldly lack, and both are meaningless when eternal abundance, which belongs equally to all, comes into view. Allow eternal abundance to decide what your character does, what your character says. Eternal abundance is Reality, and you want reality to be running your show now.

Who knew that you would discover life to be a Reality show? When you see the purpose of life as showing you clearly what is Real, you assist all beings across time and space. Thank you for allowing us to assist you as you assist all.

Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

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