Monsters on the transparency Whenever you become aware of a judgmental thought, remember that it is the ego that sent the thought, and you believe it or not. You are in charge of the thinking, and you are in charge of the believing. The only judgmental thoughts that are your friends are thoughts about how you feel. If … Continue reading Monsters on the transparency

Seeing through the comedy When you are feeling disturbed, it is because you are seeing things as separate. Seeing things as separate and giving those separate things separate values is a deeply ingrained habit for you. It doesn't make what you are wrong. It doesn't make what anyone else is wrong. Remember always that you and all, as … Continue reading Seeing through the comedy

Come to the fountain There is a sacred healing place always available to you. We invite you to think of it as a fountain, as the Source of Life. Whenever you perceive a need, and you can tell you are experiencing a need by the disquiet you feel, come within to this fountain. This fountain will give you … Continue reading Come to the fountain

Celestial tech support Imagine this today: You have a group of thousands of benevolent nonphysical beings who are present for you in every moment. You are that worthy. You are that loved. If you seem to crave attention from a world, this is really the attention that will fill that perceived need. Now look out upon all … Continue reading Celestial tech support

Relax into rejoicing Perception is flexible. You often believe that you are looking upon what is Real, and you can feel trapped and limited by this looking. You react to what you perceive, and you can feel this as emotion. Emotion is the back and forth agitation covering up the deep peace that you are and all … Continue reading Relax into rejoicing

Focus on the glow You exist beyond all physical laws. There seem to be many laws of physical cause and effect to which you are subject, but you exist prior to all physicality. We invite you to notice where you are reactive to seeming laws of physicality. We don't ask you to try to break or ignore these … Continue reading Focus on the glow

Coming out of hiding The greatest gift you could give to anyone would be to allow a stressful perception to change today. You are accustomed to seeing gifts as that which you add to another by giving. True giving is observing what is already there, what has always been there. Stopping and asking to see who someone truly … Continue reading Coming out of hiding

The dials of perception Think of your perceptions as dials. When you allow egoic thought to adjust the levels on the dials this way and that way, you feel bad. You do not feel bad because you have done wrong. You do not feel bad because anyone else has done wrong. You do not feel bad because of … Continue reading The dials of perception

The world is your thoughts projected In order to allow a change in perception, you must be willing to release a perception of fear. Think of a set of cards, each one with an image representing your world as you experience it. This is the hand you are currently playing. You can trade your cards with images of an unhealed … Continue reading The world is your thoughts projected