Caring You always have an organizer. You always choose an organizer. Either ego organizes perception for you, or Spirit does. Whenever you feel disquiet, you have allowed ego to organize perception. When you feel joy in your heart, you have allowed Spirit to organize your perception. This is why you can feel consistent joy in … Continue reading Caring

Resistance dissolving Where there is a sharp pain, there is a deep opportunity for corrected perception. Where there is a a sharp pain, you can attempt to close down around it, claiming it for a separate self, hiding it within a separate self. Your other option is to open up completely, knowing that Spirit is the … Continue reading Resistance dissolving

Same as all Every situation you seem to be in--how you're interpreting it is an indicator of which kind of perception you have requested. You can request fear-based perception or love-based perception. If you feel tension of any kind, you have requested fear-based perception, and you can stop to ask for a reset. Stopping to ask for … Continue reading Same as all

Words of celebration Pay attention to any sense of threat that arises during the day. Can you catch it before it becomes anything specific, meaningful, or believable? That sense of threat is the indicator that you are attached to the idea that all of the seeming threats within this illusion are real. Question the reality of all … Continue reading Words of celebration

Platform 9-3/4 Today is a first-person account of a conversation I had with what feels like a new being on my platform. I'll have to back up and explain what that means. Sometimes I feel a new and distinct presence. It's not just my light-being friends, although at this point all of you are light-being friends. … Continue reading Platform 9-3/4

The first invitation "Turn that frown upside down." You might hear this as encouragement to seek a relative opposite from a negative state. We invite you out of the bouncing back and forth between worldly opposites. When we speak of upside down frowns, we are not speaking of a relative opposite to a worldly frown. We are … Continue reading The first invitation

Going forward through limit An opportunity is here to loosen up your perception of physical cause and effect. Ego encourages you to perceive more and more limits in a grim march toward certain death. What you Are, however, is the unlimited. We invite you to shift your focus to what you and all Are when you can feel … Continue reading Going forward through limit

Gifts: Incoming Tension is the effort with which you hold your perceptions of this world in memory. When you feel tension, remember this. You made a world with thought, and when you feel tension, you are struggling to remember those thoughts, to hold onto your illusion. This means that no one "else" can cause your tension. … Continue reading Gifts: Incoming

Monsters on the transparency Whenever you become aware of a judgmental thought, remember that it is the ego that sent the thought, and you believe it or not. You are in charge of the thinking, and you are in charge of the believing. The only judgmental thoughts that are your friends are thoughts about how you feel. If … Continue reading Monsters on the transparency

Seeing through the comedy When you are feeling disturbed, it is because you are seeing things as separate. Seeing things as separate and giving those separate things separate values is a deeply ingrained habit for you. It doesn't make what you are wrong. It doesn't make what anyone else is wrong. Remember always that you and all, as … Continue reading Seeing through the comedy