Prayers from gratitude I was in the middle of receiving a message today when I saw a post from my friend Diana:  I would love to ask everyone on this page to say a prayer today for the highest outcome during this difficult-awakening time for the masses. I know I'm asking for the least violence and destruction. … Continue reading Prayers from gratitude

We can use everything Your goal is allowing the full remembrance that love is the only thing that is Real. When you think you have another goal and you are experiencing any negative feeling state in relation to it, it is a call to recognize your real goal. Pausing to put your attention on the real goal will … Continue reading We can use everything

The benevolent wind of transformation By allowing in something that doesn't make sense to the ego, you agree to allow ego's foundations to be exposed and to erode. Ego is all about what a person can make happen through the person's own intention. "I want to build a house. I will build a house. I did it." It is … Continue reading The benevolent wind of transformation

Find your willingness to see the brilliance Your self is one of the illusions comprising this grand illusion. Finding your willingness to look through the illusion of this separate self to what is Real--this is your greatest power. When you are looking at what is Real about you, you are looking at what is Real about every being across time and … Continue reading Find your willingness to see the brilliance

Minds connected in blessing A blessing is available at any time. Whenever you find yourself thinking thoughts unrelated to blessing, stop. You are in control of your mind, and you can decide the direction it takes. It is the acceptance of blessing that eases everyone's burden. If you are busily thinking about one burden or limit as if … Continue reading Minds connected in blessing

The world is your thoughts projected In order to allow a change in perception, you must be willing to release a perception of fear. Think of a set of cards, each one with an image representing your world as you experience it. This is the hand you are currently playing. You can trade your cards with images of an unhealed … Continue reading The world is your thoughts projected

Tension is the call to receive a gift It is so important to realize what is going on with you when you feel tension, and to notice the opportunity you are being given. Tension feels like an unpleasant experience, and it should. Becoming aware that you don't feel good takes your attention off the world you are projecting for a moment. Feeling … Continue reading Tension is the call to receive a gift

Staying in the joyful quiet Any moment of disquiet is your feeling the resonance of the bondage in which you hold yourself. We will remind you endlessly so you can wake up--unpleasant feelings that you experience are never due to seeming happenings or conditions in a world. They are always an indicator that it is time to wake up. … Continue reading Staying in the joyful quiet

Past and future as pathways to the Now We invite you to pay attention to the times when you are focusing on the past or the future. Spiritual students are generally instructed to stay in the Now, but what about when your attention has strayed? Notice if there is any disquiet in your past or future focus. If there is, it is … Continue reading Past and future as pathways to the Now