Love without exceptions

When you say “No, thank you” to belief in egoic thought, you are expressing love for all beings. When you realize that egoic thought is never believable, you see the love that is always present, has always been present, and you allow its expression in your world. You need not be concerned with how that love expressed. Managing the expression of love is not up to you. Allowing it is.

There is only one love, and that love is held equally for all. When you find yourself making exceptions, as in you seem to love and respect this one, but you seem to be antagonistic to that one, this is a good time to stop. Ask with sincerity that your perception be corrected. Find your willingness to allow antagonistic thoughts to surface and dissolve. There is no shame in them. They are only a dysfunction, and it is within your power to allow the dysfunction to pass away.

One expression of love expresses love for all beings without exception. You need not judge or evaluate what you perceive to be expressions of love. You need not judge or evaluate expressions of what you believe to be something else. Just know that love has no exceptions, and when you seem to run into an exception in your perception, it is your opportunity for mind healing right now.

When you allow Love’s thoughts to replace ego’s thoughts, you need not worry about limits. Ego speaks of limits. Love sees no limits. When you feel the density of the perception of a limit, it is the perfect time to stop to allow mind healing. Healing begins with what you perceive to be your mind, and then the world reflects back to you what you allowed. Find your willingness to allow the world to reflect back to you nothing but joy, nothing but love. Is there any reason why this should not happen? See if there is anything blocking your willingness to experience a reflection of what you are and always have been.

When you allow Love’s thoughts to replace ego’s thoughts, you need not think of the next thing to do or say. You need not plan. You receive everything you need, and expression flows through you effortlessly. When you feel any tension or disquiet, you are blocking the flow of abundance to you and through you. You are also asking to see characters in your world experiencing similar blockages. Find your willingness to accept assistance in having this habit undone for you.

Everything you need is right here for you, and it our joy to help you see this.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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