The roof of the aviary

You can try to judge, but you can’t. We draw your attention to judgments you make during your day. Even a day is a judgment! You are remembering a past concept of a day and are assuming that this concept will repeat itself in your experience. You gain a sense of safety and security from this judgment. We are offering instead a source of safety and security beyond all judgment, and this Source never wavers or vacillates.

When you judge, you are trying to judge. You can’t judge successfully, but you can play at judging. You can think you see things and assign value to them. Think of children playing store. Will the pretend store become a real store? As you understand it now, is that ever likely to happen? No, not at all. Actually, it is possible for illusion to take any form at all, but we will stay with this belief. You do not believe that the “pretend” store is likely to turn into a “real” store, so it never happens.

This is how judgment of any seemingly separate component of your world works. You can only pretend-judge. In truth, you aren’t judging anything at all.

There is one single exception to the idea that you cannot judge. There is one thing you can judge successfully, and it is there your attention belongs. You can judge how you feel, and this ability is key to the awakening of all. This ability is the only ability you need, and it is the Source of all the other abilities that seem to flow through the body you call yours. Focus on the mother of all abilities–the ability to feel–and all abilities that are for the highest good can flow forth from your character as they are needed. No struggle necessary–isn’t that good to know?

Every time you feel not-good, you are attempting to judge something you are not capable of judging. You can allow your feelings to dictate which thoughts are useful, and which thoughts are not. When you have discovered a thought that is not useful, recognize that you have been allowing this thought to dictate your experience. Your future is a carpet that rolls out, with this thought as a starting point. Your work every day is to release those thoughts that are not useful, and to that end, we offer you a visualization.

You are sitting on the roof of an aviary, directly upon a hatch that can open to allow birds to leave. There are three or four birds at the top of the aviary, waiting to leave. You become aware of the tension of this waiting. It doesn’t feel good. You move to the other side of the aviary’s slightly peaked roof, and now you are gazing at the sunrise. Behind you, the spring-loaded door popped open as soon as you moved away, releasing the birds. It takes very little effort to release the birds. You only have to move away and enjoy the sunrise. Everything you need to say and do comes from the purity and beauty of that sunrise. The sunrise gifts you endlessly.

Whenever you experience a not-good feeling, it is not because of a circumstance or a person. All of the circumstances and persons are fantasies, and they are never the cause of how you feel. They are always the indicator of how you feel, the indicator of what you have been thinking. Stepping out of this loop of thinking the world causes your feelings–this is your freedom. The world you are experiencing tells you what you have been feeling. It tells you what you have been thinking. It does you a service in this way. When you become aware that you are sitting on the aviary hatch, you only need to move away from it. The birds fly away all by themselves.

You are accustomed to your information and instructions coming from judgment. When you are holding onto judgment, you are holding onto thoughts that tell you the meaning and value of seen-as-separate things. When you are holding onto judgment, you are sitting on the aviary hatch. It doesn’t feel good. You can feel the tension. You are safe to move off the hatch, because your information and instructions can also come from the sunrise. Gazing at the sunrise, having left judgment behind, inspiration comes to you to guide your character through the story of awakening. You are safe in leaving judgment behind. You are safe in following the light.

The reason you are unable to judge anything other than your feelings is that nothing you attempt to judge is real. Coming to see that the seen-as-separate components of the world you experience are unreal, you are then able to see that you have no basis for judgment. What remains? The light. The light provides all, and you can rest in it. You Are it. Your willingness to see this also helps you to see that the Light is equally present for those you call other, right now.

Bask in the shining beyond all fantasy today, and relax into the flow that carries you and all.

Photo by Bruno Martins on Unsplash

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