Peaceful landing Judgment is a landing place. It is where you pause, convinced that the thought you just heard is true. In that landing place comes a certainty that the world is a particular way, and then the world obediently takes your cue. That's all the world can do. It can only obey your thoughts about … Continue reading Peaceful landing

The roof of the aviary You can try to judge, but you can't. We draw your attention to judgments you make during your day. Even a day is a judgment! You are remembering a past concept of a day and are assuming that this concept will repeat itself in your experience. You gain a sense of safety and security … Continue reading The roof of the aviary

Prior to the physical You are accustomed to depending upon the physical, but we invite you to depend upon what is prior to the physical. There is something prior to the physical, and you know instinctively what that is. No words are needed. You can just instantly go in and get a sense of what is prior to … Continue reading Prior to the physical

Dropping judgment What you seek is what you are. When you experience any sort of seeking/lacking feeling, we invite you to pause and to turn your awareness, your focus, to Home. Home is All. Home is abundance. When you rest in that abundance, you are at Home. The seeking feeling, or any feeling of lack, is … Continue reading Dropping judgment

Without judgment Phenomenality is very distracting, but only if you judge it. Notice how you seem to judge the worth and the value of the character you are playing according to what happens to it. You also judge the value and the worth of the character according to what it seems to do. And you judge … Continue reading Without judgment

You have every reason to celebrate You seem to be subject to many conditions. The good news that is that you aren't. You seem to be. When you attach to stories of how you are subject to the conditions of the world, you suffer. Even if there is a moment when you judge the conditions to be good, when they … Continue reading You have every reason to celebrate

Stepping off the teeter-totter What you are based upon is not a judgment. This can seem very clear to you now, conceptually. You are Love itself. You are beyond all judgment. During your day, however, you can feel a sense of instability, judgment, conflict and doubt. We are here to guide you to true foundation. In your role … Continue reading Stepping off the teeter-totter