The world of your thanking

There isn’t just one world for you to clamp down on and perfect. Imagine trying to hug someone who isn’t there. Your arms would go right through that space where you thought a body was. In your experience of the world, you give everything seeming substance with your thought. You aren’t able to touch something because it exists. You are able to touch something because of the way you are thinking. The way you are thinking provides an experience of a self and of touching. With thought, you make it possible for a perceived you to touch something that is not itself.

The world you experience isn’t the one and only stable world, and maybe if you work hard and become worthy, you can have some sort of positive impact on this world. It is not like that at all. The world you experience now is simply a reflection of your thoughts, not anyone else’s. The way you experience all who you call “other” is simply a reflection of your thoughts.

When you don’t feel good, that feeling says nothing at all about the world. It says nothing at all about those you call other. It does tell you very simply where there is thought you can release now, making room for Truth and Flow.

When you experience a difficult moment in the presence of another being, that being is assisting you in undoing the thinking that led to the experience of that moment. You are surrounded by nothing but assistants–assistants in thought, and assistants in what you experience as the physical. Each being you think of points you toward the Flow in some way. Each being you seem to meet in the physical assists you in seeing Truth in some way.

You keep landing in the world manufactured by your thinking. You could land in the world manufactured by your thanking. Because each Being is assisting you in releasing what you don’t need, in entering the Flow of Love that is present in every moment, you can thank each Being you think of, each Being you seem to encounter in the physical. Then you keep landing in the world of your thanking.

If you think of every moment as flipping through a book with multiple pages, which page do you experience? When you focus upon the thanking, it becomes irrelevant which world you seem to land in, because the sense of being divinely protected and guided becomes so strong.

You are having a nightmare. If you experience any negative emotion at all, that is your indicator that you are experiencing a nightmare of your own making.

How to emerge from the nightmare? You realize that there is a presence, a guiding force you can trust. In the role of your character, you can see that all the world-related reasoning you did simply encouraged the belief that the illusion you made was real and capable of controlling your life. When you realize that you are incapable of judging any aspect of your world, you allow the guiding force to take over.

The Oneness can shine into your nightmare to show you how you manufacture rampaging destruction with thought. Once you realize what this seeming rampaging destruction is–nothing at all–you are open to allowing the Flow to respond to anything at all that may arise. Every character you meet helps you sink more deeply into the Flow, so every character deserves your gratitude.

Here’s to a day of landing in each moment in the world of your thanking.

Photo by Ankhesenamun on Unsplash

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