Nothing masquerading as something The Oneness is your saving grace. No matter what your trouble seems to be, the Oneness can solve it for you. The Oneness can bring peace to your mind. Draw on this never-ending resource, and you teach all in your world to draw from it. When you are caught up in believing that it … Continue reading Nothing masquerading as something

Your energetic massage therapist Your job is to allow expansion in where you feel contraction. Your job is very, very simple, and there is no need to get mired in details or to figure things out. You only need to be aware of how you are feeling and to have the ability to find your willingness to allow … Continue reading Your energetic massage therapist

Switch channels There is a Comforter always present. There is always a presence with you that can correct the perception that causes pain. You are not capable of doing wrong, but you are capable of misperceiving. Pain and suffering themselves are misperceptions, and the Comforter who never leaves you is always able to assist you into … Continue reading Switch channels

Withdraw from the cacophony Check your intention. This is our best advice for any moment of stress. Look at what you are attempting to do. Are you attempting to avoid something? To control someone? To achieve a specific and predetermined outcome? To figure something out without the assistance of all that is? In some way, whenever you feel … Continue reading Withdraw from the cacophony

Monsters on the transparency Whenever you become aware of a judgmental thought, remember that it is the ego that sent the thought, and you believe it or not. You are in charge of the thinking, and you are in charge of the believing. The only judgmental thoughts that are your friends are thoughts about how you feel. If … Continue reading Monsters on the transparency

By the most direct means possible There is an edifice that you have built to block out light. You built this edifice out of thought, and you did it because you thought it was essential for your safety. You thought, and you think, that it protects you from punishment. What you forgot is that punishment belongs to the illusion you … Continue reading By the most direct means possible

Flow doesn’t hurt You are waking up to what is Real, and as you do so, waking up becomes about understanding clearly what hurts and what doesn't. When it becomes obvious to you that you suffer by choice, not because of what seems to be happening to you, you are willing to understand how that choice is … Continue reading Flow doesn’t hurt

Allowing the wiring to be redone Think of the mind as having certain routes and pathways, certain relationships among various thoughts. Now think of opening that structure up to the celestial electrician, saying, "Do what you will with it. All of my thoughts are open to you. Arrange everything here to your liking. Nothing is off limits." Your willingness to … Continue reading Allowing the wiring to be redone

The lesson is always yours In every moment, there is a lesson. If the lesson is always yours, the opportunity is always yours. You are experiencing an illusion, but it is always your opportunity to recognize the illusion for what it is, and to allow the light all are to shine through it. No matter what seems to be … Continue reading The lesson is always yours

No separate meaning or value Each day is a chance for the deep, dark horror of your most secret thoughts to be revealed. There is a layer of thinking underneath those surface thoughts that is vicious and terrifying, but it's only terrifying if you do not know how to look at those thoughts. We are looking upon those thoughts … Continue reading No separate meaning or value