Certainty in the Light

Perfection just is. You cannot find it in a world. We invite you to notice when you are attempting to find perfection in a world. We open the door to looking upon stress of any kind. Is it not always because you have found the world or one of its characters to have fallen short of some invented standard?

We bring good news. We are here to help with the dismantling of these meaningless standards. We are here to help you soften into what is truly here for you and all in every moment. Your contribution? Only willingness–willingness to allow nonsensical standards to melt away. You soften into true perfection–the perfection that is always present for you and all, perfection that is able to supply each thought, each word, and each action in a stream of unending gifts for the truly worthy. The truly worthy–that would be everyone without exception.

The way out of the nonsense cannot depend upon an analysis or judgment of what seems to be a separate and real aspect of the nonsense. The world you are projecting with thought–utter nonsense. It seems to have separate components, but it has none because it is nothing. The healed world that can extend through each one in Love–a beautiful reflection of a deep order. Your purpose now is to give up the worldly standards that block the sight of love’s reflection everywhere.

Guidance out of the nonsense does not teach you how to handle life in a better way. Guidance out of the nonsense dissolves the perception of separate handlers. Guidance out of the nonsense teaches you to allow what Is to shine. What makes guidance possible is willingness. You have to be willing to leave the nonsense behind, even if only a little.

You have many beliefs about the reality of the nonsense, and help is present for each one of these beliefs. Certainties about the physical are like hard little nuggets of belief that can be washed away. You are able to allow the washing away when you see that there is something very stable and loving holding and directing you. You are able to allow belief to be washed away when you can see that you have been delivering an experience of hurt unto yourself with these beliefs. You are able to part with beliefs with gratitude in your heart when you can see that you are being rescued from them.

There is no need for uncertainty about the physical, but there is every need for certainty about the Light and how it can handle everything that looks separate. The Light only handles your perceptions, not real things. The Light eventually carries you back to the realization that nothing has ever changed, that nothing has ever touched or marred the deep stillness and perfection of Love. In the meantime, Light teaches you to sit quietly in gratitude and allow your beliefs to be washed away. Any perceptions that you need will be provided for you.

Allow yourself to be cared for, nurtured, and held. We are always here, and it is our delight to shine for you in the Presence that is Real.

Photo by Robert Garcia on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Certainty in the Light

  1. Thank you Julie,

    I am grateful for the light that’s always there to care for me and ask it leads me away from the utter nonsense I walk with. That it clears this perception away and lights up the way.


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