The beauty of standing in line

What in you is afraid of letting go?

Maybe we should rephrase the question. What on you is afraid of letting go? Yes, we like this. Because within You, as you are, there is no fear. So fear is on you. And it is only on you because you are clinging to it. By clinging to it, you give it a reality that can be experienced.

Let us put this a slightly different way. By assuming that fear is natural and real, you cultivate a separate identity for yourself, and the basis of this separate identity is fear. So to the magnetizing surface of this separate identity cling fearful thoughts. That is why they are persistent, these fearful thoughts, because you persist in seeing yourself as separate.

Let us be clear. You have not done wrong. You are not doing wrong. You are simply upholding an energy made by you to experience what isn’t. That is all.

Experiencing what Is–that is easy. Only you have taught yourself to cling to complexity as your savior. We’re undoing this now, as you’re willing to pause and to see.

During the day you feel attracted and repulsed. Another way of saying this is that when you ignore what calls to you, you have a greater experience of repulsion. Repulsion starts out as neutral. It is a guiding force that works equally with attraction to position you ideally for your own happiness and that of others.

You can trust what you feel attracted to and what you feel repulsed by without reference to what anyone else is doing. When you have that trust in yourself, you have that trust in everyone else. No one is obligated to act or react in a particular way. More important is that others are free in your mind to follow their own calls of attraction and repulsion.

Here’s a place where you can get lost. If approval or adulation is more important to you than allowing yourself to be positioned for the highest good, you may spend clock time as an ego trying to attract butterflies to your flower because you think you need them. You may spend clock time as an ego bitterly complaining in thought or speech about someone because you believe that one shouldn’t be in your experience.

This is where ego tries to fulfill the harmonic attraction and repulsion function that it can never fulfill. It doesn’t feel good. Just notice that. It never feels good. Paying attention to your feelings is always key. When you pay attention, you stop. You allow.

What are you still holding onto?

How does what you are still holding onto give you a separate identity? Whenever you experience a moment of agitation, hesitance, frustration or uncertainty, before you forge ahead, give yourself a moment. What are you still holding onto conceptually? Take the experience of waiting in line. There is so much to learn and appreciate there. You can connect with all of the other minds, waiting, too. You might as well. You are One, you know. You’re just pretending not to be by using the incredibly repulsive force of ego. Ego keeps one separate from another.

So you’re standing in line, and you’re open to each one of the thoughts that drifts through. You’re open to the feelings. There is agitation. There is impatience. There is a willing things forward on a different timetable to the one currently being experienced. And then underneath all of that–underneath all of the separate thoughts of the beautiful beings who have convinced themselves they are standing in line–what is there? What is underneath that? What supports the whole illusion of a standing and a line?

Go there. There is always Here. Now. In this spot, one cannot be more impatient than another. Isn’t that interesting? In this space, the line should do exactly as it does. In this space, there is no separate one to say what the line should do, but there is One who can appreciate and adore.

Yes, we said adoreAdore and standing in line are not two things you would usually put together. Standing in line is something that should be gotten through, you say. But look what a wonderful chance you have to stand still in close proximity with your fellows and to realize what you all are. This wonderful opportunity is equal to looking at a spectacular view, we assure you. Your fear of what you all are is what has you all agitated and impatient. Isn’t that interesting to see?

If you tune in at the level of your separation, you can feel each ego defining itself relative to others and simultaneously attempting to repulse (in order to keep that separate identity) and attract (in order to gain worshippers of that identity). That is the source of the agitation. That part on the top–that part where ego dances and has its day, is so brittle and thin. What Is is so vast and glorious, right underneath. We invite you to tune in at that level. When you do, you invite others to play there with you.

If you are tuned in at the level of separation, take advantage of this to notice the quality of thoughts. Don’t think of them as yours or as someone else’s. They are drifting through the field of your awareness.  Notice their quality. Notice how the disturbing ones suggest that something shouldn’t be how it seems to be right now. They put you in a position of war within the illusion, if believed. They lead you into protectiveness, into defensiveness. Notice how thoughts attempt to terrify you into complying with one agenda or another. If you don’t do this, then that will happen. And then they recommend a defensive action. Eventually, you tire of all the fear, and this is a very good thing.

What do you trust?

Are you trusting that fingernail’s worth of illusory experience on top of All That Is to tell you in reactivity and fear what to do next? Simply notice when this happens, and allow yourself to invite something new in. There is something beyond all this, and you experience it daily. It is not at all unfamiliar to you. It’s joy. It’s compassion. It’s acceptance of what seems to be now, knowing that What Is will guide you through all ephemeral experience. You can rely on this fully and always because it is who you are. It is the truth of who all others are.

When you see through the nature of thought, you begin to trust a Self that is beyond the limits of a self. You trust Is. You trust Now, and what is always available there. Judgment, because it is relative, does not exist Here.

We stand with you, around you, beside you, always willing to assist you in seeing from the level of the Whole, where we always abide together.

Photo by Ridham Nagralawala on Unsplash

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