Your energetic massage therapist Your job is to allow expansion in where you feel contraction. Your job is very, very simple, and there is no need to get mired in details or to figure things out. You only need to be aware of how you are feeling and to have the ability to find your willingness to allow … Continue reading Your energetic massage therapist

By the most direct means possible There is an edifice that you have built to block out light. You built this edifice out of thought, and you did it because you thought it was essential for your safety. You thought, and you think, that it protects you from punishment. What you forgot is that punishment belongs to the illusion you … Continue reading By the most direct means possible

The lesson is always yours In every moment, there is a lesson. If the lesson is always yours, the opportunity is always yours. You are experiencing an illusion, but it is always your opportunity to recognize the illusion for what it is, and to allow the light all are to shine through it. No matter what seems to be … Continue reading The lesson is always yours

Your partnership with the Light, as the Light

I received a message for the exquisite Andrea about who her twin flame is. She responded with generosity, offering to share this message with all of you. Thanks, Andrea! πŸ’— Dear One, we have been waiting for you to ask. We support you in going deep into your heart, knowing that all desires are … Continue reading Your partnership with the Light, as the Light

Facebook live today, 10am EST

Hey, everyone. I'll be live at Viral Alchemy at 10am EST today. I'll be focusing on how everything that happens is beneficial, everyone we meet is helpful. Stop by and say hi! πŸ’š If you have any questions, book a session: If you feel inspired to support my work, you can do that here.

Training your gaze on the Light Spirit will show you where the light is in every situation. To see the light in any situation, you only have to ask: "Please show me the light." It truly is that simple, and you don't even have to say "please." All Spirit needs is your willingness to set condemnation down and to witness … Continue reading Training your gaze on the Light

The spark of Life You have a mighty companion who goes with you everywhere. With this mighty companion by your side, you need fear nothing you seem to see or experience. We invite you to remember the presence of this mighty companion throughout your day. Your mighty companion is present in every being you meet. This is why … Continue reading The spark of Life

We shine There is something indisputable, and you can find stability there. There is light in you. The light is truer than any perspective ego would offer about you. There is something indisputable, and you can find a pathway to light there at all times. There is light in all. If you need to find not-light … Continue reading We shine