The spark of Life You have a mighty companion who goes with you everywhere. With this mighty companion by your side, you need fear nothing you seem to see or experience. We invite you to remember the presence of this mighty companion throughout your day. Your mighty companion is present in every being you meet. This is why … Continue reading The spark of Life

We shine There is something indisputable, and you can find stability there. There is light in you. The light is truer than any perspective ego would offer about you. There is something indisputable, and you can find a pathway to light there at all times. There is light in all. If you need to find not-light … Continue reading We shine

Sparkles everywhere There are sparkles everywhere. Think of this as you walk through your day. There are sparkles everywhere, and you are becoming able to see them. The world doesn't need to change to please you or anyone. There have always been sparkles everywhere, and now you are willing to see them. Trust that the world … Continue reading Sparkles everywhere

The remedy of Light There is a deeper way of seeing. It is time now to place a priority on seeing what is True consistently. It is within your power, and your happiness depends upon it. When you are working toward your own happiness, you are working toward the happiness of all. Every time you feel upset for … Continue reading The remedy of Light

What can be hidden? We invite you to look at the idea of hiding, of covering up. Look at where you believe this idea to be active in your own life, and look at where you believe it to be active in the lives of ones you know, on the world stage. Just look. You believe it is … Continue reading What can be hidden?

Make sure to wash your minds When you take your attention from form and judgment of form, putting your attention on the eternal, you are both giving and receiving. Basking in this shining light, there is nothing else but what you are, and what you are, all are. As you stay in the awareness of this light, you share it … Continue reading Make sure to wash your minds

Carrying the light You are not here to play with illusions. Any moment of boredom, fatigue, anger or worry means that you are busy at play with illusions. These feelings states are not caused by something real. We invite you to see through the unreal today. Ask for help in seeing through the unreal, and it always … Continue reading Carrying the light

Start at the Light You have an ever-present conduit to Love in prayer, meditation, or going within. Whatever you call it, you are going to your Source, which is the True Self you share with all. When you go to your Source, you go past all perceptions ego would suggest. Going within to what you Are is the … Continue reading Start at the Light

Light given and received You can continuously exchange Light with all you know by paying attention to how you think. We speak of the effect you will seem to observe. As you truly Are, you are the light and abide in the Light at all times. The Light is good without opposite, good with no memory of or … Continue reading Light given and received

Always served and always serving You are being served by everything that Is in great joy. Feel in, past the back-and-forth surface of the dream you are having. Feel inward to this great joy. It is always there, always alive. The happenings in the dream you are having can attract your attention outward, but there are rich rewards from going … Continue reading Always served and always serving