Light through the eye To pass through the eye of the needle, you leave your opinions behind. You do not leave your opinions behind until you recognize those of your thoughts that are opinions. The more you recognize the only fact as Love, the more you see that any unloving thought is an opinion about what could be … Continue reading Light through the eye

Behind the haze Whenever you are looking upon "another" and feel any disturbance at all, you are looking upon your projection. The disturbance is experienced because you are projecting what you are not instead of allowing extension of what you Are, so the disturbance is a useful alarm. Projection always brings unhappiness, and extension always brings joy. … Continue reading Behind the haze

All blame is over

After I recorded this message, it seemed like the title got changed, so that's why I call it "Here and Now" in the recording. 💚 The only thing you could try to defend is the unreal. When you are battling, when you are struggling, you are giving yourself the experience of doing this within … Continue reading All blame is over

Certainty in the Light Perfection just is. You cannot find it in a world. We invite you to notice when you are attempting to find perfection in a world. We open the door to looking upon stress of any kind. Is it not always because you have found the world or one of its characters to have fallen … Continue reading Certainty in the Light

Waves cannot topple you As you allow light to penetrate the layers of false concept sent to you by ego, it will become obvious to you what it means to believe an egoic thought. What ego truly offers you--unrest--will be uncovered and made obvious. As it is made obvious to you what it means to attach to an … Continue reading Waves cannot topple you

A permanent setting God is stuck on a permanent setting--help. God is not a separate one who helps a separate you, but it is impossible to close the communication you have open with what you Are. You can ignore it. You can deny it. But you can never shut it off completely. This communication will show you … Continue reading A permanent setting

Your energetic massage therapist Your job is to allow expansion in where you feel contraction. Your job is very, very simple, and there is no need to get mired in details or to figure things out. You only need to be aware of how you are feeling and to have the ability to find your willingness to allow … Continue reading Your energetic massage therapist

By the most direct means possible There is an edifice that you have built to block out light. You built this edifice out of thought, and you did it because you thought it was essential for your safety. You thought, and you think, that it protects you from punishment. What you forgot is that punishment belongs to the illusion you … Continue reading By the most direct means possible

The lesson is always yours In every moment, there is a lesson. If the lesson is always yours, the opportunity is always yours. You are experiencing an illusion, but it is always your opportunity to recognize the illusion for what it is, and to allow the light all are to shine through it. No matter what seems to be … Continue reading The lesson is always yours