Are you willing to give up the thoughts that cause anger? Anger is not caused by a static reality that is someone else’s fault. Anger is not caused by a static reality that is your fault. Fault does not exist, but in a world of illusion, it seems to. Anger is caused by your mind’s acceptance of a lie, and it is always a very useful indicator. The appropriate response to anger is to rest in a moment of willingness to release your attachment to the lie you are believing.

It doesn’t matter if the world seems to give you all the evidence that the lie you are believing is true. That is its job. It can only reflect back to you the contents of your mind. If you allow unrest to be removed from your mind, you allow unrest to be wiped from the world.

Work with us for a minute. Stay with us. Any negative feeling or experiential state is anger–roiling, boiling, surging anger. It has disguises like pain, fatigue, irritation, sadness, insecurity, and doubt, but it’s actually all anger. There is a purpose in calling it all anger instead of fear today. Stay with us.

Anger–in whatever form it arises–can only be experienced if you believe it is useful. And now you know why we want to call it all anger today. You have seen the uselessness of anger, but you still believe fear to be practical and helpful. If we show you that all fear is anger, then you can allow anything that torments to fall away, being replaced by a gift from the divine.

When you experience any state of anger (any of the negative physical or emotional states), you can go here:
I have done nothing wrong, but I am believing thoughts that have never been true.
Hiding underneath these thoughts is a certainty that I have done wrong.
I am willing to let go of all thoughts that obscure the light.
I am willing to see what is underneath the anger.

The anger seems to move–roiling, boiling, surging. When you are attached to anger you demand movement in the world of illusion to bring some relief. You beg for it. You lament that it isn’t coming or you’re not worthy of it. What is true is still. What is helpful is still. Learn to rest instantly in the stillness the moment you detect any disquiet, and you allow lies to be removed from your mind. As you allow lies to be removed from your mind, the world reflects Truth back to you.

Remember, the only thing the world can do is to show you, very helpfully, what is in your mind covering up the light you are. It is useless to fight or argue with a mirror. A mirror quietly and helpfully does its job. Any experience of emotion can only show you, very helpfully, what you are allowing to obscure the Love you Are.

You are learning to go into stillness now. From stillness emerges the miracle, which quietly and instantly puts everything right in your mind. When something has been put right in your mind by the miracle, the world reflects that back to you. The form is none of your business, but the stillness is.

We rest always with you in stillness, and we delight to share with you the transformation it brings.

4 thoughts on “Stillness

  1. I love everything you write, everything you speak speaks to me, but today your words have touched me very deeply and for this I am eternally thankful! Love and blessings to you, with appreciation and gratitude! πŸŒ»πŸ’œ

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