Platform 9-3/4 Today is a first-person account of a conversation I had with what feels like a new being on my platform. I'll have to back up and explain what that means. Sometimes I feel a new and distinct presence. It's not just my light-being friends, although at this point all of you are light-being friends. … Continue reading Platform 9-3/4

Carried past Any certainty that feels stressful is false. It does not matter if you have all the worldly evidence lined up. Any certainty that feels stressful is showing your attachment to an illusion, trying to make the illusion real and trying to find your reality within it. This will never work, and this is very … Continue reading Carried past

Inner light We wish to question the idea that there are some things you can do nothing about, that there are some things that are not in your power. All power is of the Oneness, and you Are that Oneness. Therefore all power is of what you and all are together, and it is accessible to … Continue reading Inner light

Beautiful and delicious Beautiful, delicious experience comes. And it 's not because of your effort. It's not because you have become good enough. There is not one who has not had experiences like this. In these beautiful and delicious experiences, even if they only seem to last for a second or two, we feel one. We feel … Continue reading Beautiful and delicious

Divine orchestration You are an instrument in an orchestra. Your joy is in allowing yourself to be played. When you feel any disquiet, the cause is trying to act out of accord, trying to act as a separate one. A separate one you are not. When you are trying to act out of accord, you are … Continue reading Divine orchestration