A mighty presence

Anytime you feel your mind attack another or push against anything that seems to be out there in the world, turn around. Look at your mind, the projector of the world you see. Find your willingness to go into it. Find your willingness to allow any hidden resistance to be washed away. It’s very simple. If you see anything wrong “out there,” remember to turn around. You need to look at the cause, not at the effect.

Whenever you turn around to look at the cause in the mind’s projector, remember that a mighty presence is with you. This mighty presence is the beauty of the innocent identity you share with all others. This mighty presence is able to alter what you perceive, and it is always safe to allow this.

Out of the practice of turning around to look at the mind comes ease in the world, because now you know how to navigate. Any feeling of disquiet simply means that it is time to turn around, have a look, and accept healing. This means you get to take all of the pressure off yourself to fix things at the level of the world.

Now we offer a song.

Note about the song: I received this message August 18. Sometimes I receive a message and know to send it out right away. Other times I receive one and it just sits there for a while. When I first received the message, I watched the original Bonnie Tyler video. Then on September 12, I noticed a new one. Now it’s time to share!

Just listen. Allow it to wash through. You don’t have to analyze or figure out. Just hold that intention of turning around to look at the mind as projector. When you feel disquiet, turn around.

There is an immense power that you have and you are. There is an immense power that all have and are. Truly, you can only hurt yourself with your interpretation of projections, and not even that. As you truly Are, you are invulnerable. As all truly Are, they are invulnerable. The projection is an attempt to see the invulnerable as vulnerable, but it has always been an illusion. Rest in the peace of knowing the true safety that you and all Are.

Whenever you feel impatience, we suggest you channel it in one direction. Be impatient with delay–yours. Be impatient with any delay in turning around to look at mind. Those others out there that you seem to see–you don’t have to change them. They only reflect you back to yourself. But you can always give thanks for their assistance in highlighting your resistance.

When your resistance is highlighted, turn around with mighty presence to allow that resistance to the light, to allow any attempt to contain or encapsulate light, to be undone. With the mighty presence, you allow all things to be as they truly Are.

We bask in and as boundless light, with you, always.

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