Allowing new perception

Whenever you feel tension, stress, distress, judgment, or disquiet, it’s only a service. Think of a little bell going off: “You are attached to old perception.” Be grateful for the service of this little bell. Hear it when it is a little bell, and heed its message: “It’s time to pause in a moment of willingness to allow old perception to pass away.” Look at the beautiful gift for all that you usher in when you simply pause in willingness many times each day–at the least disquiet, at the least discomfort. Simply pause to allow the old to pass away. What a beautiful gift for all. Rejoice. Celebrate as you do this work.

You have been perceiving what you prefer to perceive. Yes, this is an outrageous statement, according to ego. Let us observe, however, that ego does not exist. It is a figment of imagination that has been raging, yes. But it has never been real. That is why you can look upon it in quiet and in peace. We take this moment of quiet and peace. We pause. And then we look.

We look upon the world “out there.” You do not see light and love reflected back at you everywhere and through everyone yet. We ask to you to own something completely. If you own this thing completely, it paves the way to allow the shift. Own completely that it was your preference to see disorder and disarray. It was your preference to see phantoms of innocence opposed to guilt, ghosts of aggressors and victims. It was your preference, and they came at your request. They weren’t ever real, but the illusions came at your request. If you can own your request for illusion, then you can allow illusion to pass away.

If you need to continue to pretend that you are an innocent victim to an illusion that came at your request, then the illusion can’t pass away. It has to stay in obedience to your wish for an innocent victim role within the illusion. But you are prior to the illusion. You cannot be subject to it when you rule it. You can order the illusion to calm, and after you order the illusion to calm, you can allow it to pass away. You don’t pass away. The illusion passes away when you are ready to allow it to do so.

Pass away. Passing away. Passing away is a good thing! It returns you to your Self. You don’t pass away. You allow the illusion you requested to go. That is all. You remain the same beautiful love you have always been.

Insanity has been a game you have been playing. No one dragged you to the game. You came willingly, and you stayed willingly. Your willingness is very, very powerful. Allow your willingness to shift in the direction of Home, and you will see that victimhood has never, ever been actual. It was only an illusion that came upon the scene at your request. When you feel any disquiet or stress, your willingness is pointed in the direction of going further into the game, pretending it is real, pretending it has power over you. We guide you out of the game, your direction firmly set toward Home.

Whenever you turn yourself around, trying to walk away from Home, you feel it, and we rejoice that this is so. We only want to walk you Home, and we can only walk you Home in the company of all those you call other. When you face toward Home with willingness, all are facing the same direction. Why? You know why. Because there is only one of us. When you walk toward Home with us, you walk toward the remembrance that there cannot possibly be an “other” who opposes Love. There can seem to be an other in the story, but when you are walking Home, that other is walking with you, because that other is you. Is you and always has been you. We teach you to walk through everyday life with this awareness, and then you learn to stop trying to run away from Home, back into the story that always ends in death. Walk toward Life with us. You are Life itself. It makes sense to walk toward yourself, not away from yourself.

We give you a song of the world you experience as you walk Home with all:

Be very gentle with yourself. If you perceive one seemingly “out there” who seems intentionally or unintentionally cruel, it’s only a reflection. It can’t be a reflection of what you Are. It can only be a reflection of the old perception to which you still cling. Somewhere, somehow there’s still a perception that the old way of seeing is practical, useful, or beneficial in some way. This experience of seeming to see cruelty “out there” is in invitation to go in, relax, and find your willingness to allow old perception to pass away, revealing the clarity that has always been here for everyone.

Remember, which way are you facing? Are you trying to walk deeper into the game, in certainty that the illusion is real? Then all seem to be walking obediently back into that game with you. Are you walking out of the game of suffering, knowing deeply how blessed all are? Then you walk with your blessings, knowing that all are and always have been blessed. Fire your bad guys. They did such a beautiful job, and you don’t need them anymore. You can just walk Home now. Walk Home with your blessings. Walk Home with all those you call other.

We wish to speak to you of an expectation. You cling to an expectation of finding value or lack of value in the ones you call other, separately. This is because you cling to an expectation of finding value or lack of value in the separate one you call yourself. It’s like you are always waiting for the other shoe to drop. In this separate one you call yourself, are you going to find value or lack of value?

We rejoice to say that you will find neither value nor lack of value in this separate one you call yourself, because it has never existed. We rejoice to say that there is only one of us, and none can be excluded. We rejoice to say that all value and life resides in the one of us there is. We rejoice to say that we walk alongside all of you as you return Home. We rejoice to say that no one can walk further into illusion while one is walking out of it. This, too, is an illusion. Remember that all walk Home with you. Don’t be fooled by what you have allowed to fool you for all of time. Feel the warmth of Love in your heart, and follow, knowing that all are truly with you in that Love.

We invite you to the realization that all lack of value is fictional, and all value is present and alive in the unified Self right now. Therefore, there is no need to go on a hunt for value or lack of value. There is no need to label value or lack of value. Instead, you may rest. You can rest in what you Are. And as you do, you are carried past all of the frights of the game. As you are carried past the frights, you begin to see the lights. The frights never were, and the lights are a reflection of what is Real.

Feel what is Real. Trust what is Real. And follow what is Real.

We bless you. We keep you. We carry you. And we rejoice in you. We give thanks that this is so forever.

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