Lay down your defenses

You’re going to be given opportunities today to lay down your defenses. Remember that every situation in which you find yourself is an opportunity to move forward without defense. Every situation in which you find yourself is an opportunity to see all you call other as needing no defense. Everyone has and is Truth, and Truth is enough. Truth unites all. In the face of this, what defense do you need?

You’re going to be given an opportunity today to feel your defenses. Give thanks for your ability to feel. It is your ability to feel that brings you Home–back to the full awareness that you have never left Home. Every time you feel a density, a blockage to love’s flow through and as you, it is all about your thinking. Your thinking causes the perception of everything that you believe is outer–no exceptions.

When you feel a density, you can feel a defense against Love constructed out of your thought–thought sent to you by ego, and thought that you have accepted as true. Simply open up the gates to Spirit. These gates that seem to close off the one you call you, thereby keeping you safe–these gates only make an illusion of relative safety. Open your gates, allow Spirit to wash all blocks away, and you allow Spirit to escort you back to a shared Self that never needed any defense. From this shared Self, you watch a movie of the past, a movie about when you believed that you were separate.

Your defenses are the only thing that bothers you. It may seem as if something out in a world bothers you. It may seem as if someone not getting a shot bothers you. It may seem as if someone getting a shot bothers you. What happened is this: You believed thoughts, and then you experienced situations built out of those thoughts. It’s just innocent confusion. It can’t be anyone else’s fault if there truly is no “anyone else.” You can feel which thoughts block a feeling of well-being. You can agree to let those thoughts go.

It may seem as if some possible future outcome bothers you. This is not so. This is a trick of the mind. Believing that you are a separate and vulnerable creature that can be harmed by future outcomes–this is what bothers you. Believing this is so of others–this is what bothers you. The answer to what bothers you lies in your willingness to drop the thoughts that cause it.

This entire world as you see it is a defense. Put it entirely into the hands of what is prior to all defense. Now put yourself there. Put yourself in God’s hands. You are safe there. In God’s hands, you are not subject to any of the illusions that you set rampaging across the world, entirely in innocence. Resting in the peace of God, you are guided in dropping the thoughts that cause sight of what can never be Real.

We are here today to help you see what never could have been True. As you notice that you cannot dwell within an illusion, you see that you are at Home with us. We love you very much, and you love as you are loved.

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