Filters are not real

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Space-time is a filter. Just like a filter on Instagram, the filter of space-time alters what you see. You recognize that filters are not real, and you also have the opportunity to recognize that the filter of space-time is not real. The filter of space-time distorts the simplicity of Reality, unperceived from an outer because it encompasses all, and presents it as a complexity perceived from a different point of complexity.

We are not stuck within any point of complexity, and neither are you. We can always help you see that this is so.

When you feel any tension or lack, this is your attachment to the unreality of the space-time filter. You are believing that aspects of the perceived complexity are real, and you can feel the effect of this belief.

Whenever you notice the tension or contraction of your attachment to the space-time filter, we are here with you. We remind you that you are looking at a filter and treating it as if it is real. We are here with perception shift as you allow it. You can always relax back into allowing a shift in perception.

Whenever you become aware of the space-time filter as a filter rather than reality, we are here with you, shining in silent acknowledgment of what is Real. We are shining in whatever you look upon, and we can shine right through the filter.

When you feel tempted to tell a self vs. self or self-in-comparison-to-other-self story about what the filter is showing you, remember this:
I open all that I Am to all that You Are.
Underneath the surface of the filter, all are One. As you serve that self “over there,” you serve yourself. One light shines through the filter, and that one light is what every one Is. Remember this, and you will not judge what the filter shows you.

You are the simplicity as we Are. And you are the light as all others Are. It is our delight to show you this today.

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