Find your willingness to see the brilliance Your self is one of the illusions comprising this grand illusion. Finding your willingness to look through the illusion of this separate self to what is Real--this is your greatest power. When you are looking at what is Real about you, you are looking at what is Real about every being across time and … Continue reading Find your willingness to see the brilliance

Your gift is within A determination to acknowledge what is Real and what is unreal will serve you in this experience. It takes focus and a willingness to remember what is actually true in the midst of a firestorm of distracting images and experiences. Hold onto your determination to see and know Truth--not a relative truth about a … Continue reading Your gift is within

The brilliant inner sun Whenever you feel anything jarring, disturbing, tight or tense, look at the reason ego would give you for this state. It is always something in the world. It is always a lie that backs up the complexity of the illusion you are making with thought. There is a very simple Reality shining underneath the … Continue reading The brilliant inner sun

Focus on the Real Keep your focus upon what is Real. What is Real is one. What is Real is eternally joy-giving. What is Real is Safety itself. This is your greatest power--your ability to focus. The ego places much emphasis upon the apparent power of the separate one to do. It also places emphasis upon the apparent … Continue reading Focus on the Real

Simple Reality Reality is simple. There is no cause and effect in Reality, no tension, no anxiety, no control. There is only What Is, and What Is is changeless, eternal and joyous. Reality cannot be touched, cannot be marred, and cannot be broken, cannot be disturbed. We encourage you to notice when you react to what … Continue reading Simple Reality

Preferring what is Real When you feel fear, we ask you to consider the word prefer. In some way you have preferred this state of contraction and reliance on false self. In fact, there is a layer of fear to which you willingly attached that keeps you in the perception that you are this false self. The false self … Continue reading Preferring what is Real

Allowing illusion to wash away

Good morning. Time to wake up! We know you are physically awake, but that doesn't count in this game. Time for the awakening that counts! You all are a bit like sleepyheads in the morning. You cling to sleep at times, dozing off and mumbling at us to leave you alone, hiding your head in … Continue reading Allowing illusion to wash away